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Christmas for Kids in Brooklyn


Brooklyn's so neighborhoody, so low key, and so family friendly, it's the perfect place to enjoy some relaxed holiday fun throughout December. Find out what kinds of shows, events, kid-oriented shopping and activities you can do with your family this holiday season — in Brooklyn!

1. Watch a Christmas Tree or Hanukkah Menorah Light Up

For Christmas Tree Lightingss

Dozens of Christmas tree lightings happen in Brooklyn throughout December. So if you've missed one, don't worry, you can catch another. Here are three in South Brooklyn.
  • Park Slope: December 6 at at S’Nice , across from the Old Stone House.
  • Carroll Gardens: December 9: Columbia Waterfront District.
  • Brooklyn Heights: December 14. Montague Street Business Improvement District

For Hanukkah

See the Hanukkah menorahs get lit.

2. See Puppet Shows: A Christmas Carol and Reluctant Dragon

The wonderful world of puppets; you simply cannot go wrong taking a child to a puppet show. And, this year, Brooklyn boasts not one, but two wonderful seasonal puppet performances. Find out where, and when. Lucky for you, their schedules don't overlap, so you can go to both!

3. Watch a Play of A Christmas Carol

Go see a radio performance of Dicken's A Christmas Carol, one that will make Scrooge come alive for the kids. It's at Carroll Park in Carroll Gardens.. Depending on the age of your child, check out other holiday live shows and performances as well.

4. Shop for Inexpensive, Kid-Oriented Gifts at School Fairs

One place you can be sure to find kids gifts that are in tune with the times is at one of Brooklyn's many school-based winter craft fairs. Most have dozens of vendors selling affordable and fun clothes, mittens, scarves, little packages of sweets and goodies (including gingerbread houses), interesting toys and books, and more. Give your child a few dollars (or bring their savings) and they'll feel right at home in kiddie-shopping land.

5. Dec. 14-16: Take a Candelight Tour of Wyckoff Farm House

The holiday season is filled with lights: Christmas tree lights, house decorations, brightly lit Santas and stars, Hanukkah menorah lights and more. But, what's it like to live without lights? Bring the kids and find out; take a candelight tour of historic Wyckoff Farm House in Prospect Park.

Note: There are two tours, one for young children and one for over 15's only:

  • Where: Prospect Park's Wyckoff House
  • When:Weekends. This event starts promptly at 4:30PM; arrive 15 minutes prior.
  • Admission: Reservations are required, call (718) 629-5400. Adults $10
  • Contact: (718) 629-5400.

6. See The Nutcracker (choose among three productions)

Starting December 10, you can go to one of three very different performances of The Nutcracker ballet. The esteemed American Ballet Theater is dancing this classic Christmas show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. But there are also shorter runs, one by the Russian ballet school in Brooklyn, and the other by a troupe performing a colonial America version of the ballet at Brooklyn College's theater. All three versions of this fabulous extravaganza promise to be just wonderful.

Tickets vary from $7 to over $75.

7. March in a Kids Santa Costume Parade in Greenpoint

Most Brooklyn kids associate parades with Halloween, July 4th, maybe the opening of the Little League season, and of course Thanksgiving. But a Christmas parade is something fun and different. And, as long as the weather stays nice, why not? So bring the kids to the Greenpoint "Santa's Parade." Dress up as an elf, reindeer or Santa! It's a local festival that's sure to delight those little ones who just love to march in a parade.

8. Go to Dyker Heights to See the Holiday Decorations

Dyker Heights has been lighting up for Christmas for decades. Now that the national media have taken to covering the extravagantly lit homes, you can expect a traffic jam on December weekends! Still, it's really fun to go see, but bring some snacks or a picnic along with you so you don't mind going slowly. (More to come)

9. Celebrate Kwanzaa at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

The wonderful Brooklyn Children's Museum does it up for Kwanzaa. Check out their various daily programs, and celebrate the diversity of Brooklyn's youth!

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