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How to Fight Hunger in Brooklyn: Year-End Holiday Charitable Contributions

Too Many Hungry


Want to make a year-end charitable gift that counts? While many of us are feasting away this holiday season, others in Brooklyn are going hungry. Donate this holiday season to a local organization that provides meals to the hungry in Brooklyn and New York City. All of the organizations listed below are non-profit, which means your contribution is also tax deductible. You can give on your own, or give it as a holiday gift in someone else's honor.

2013 Report Documents Hunger in Brooklyn

1. CHIPS in Park Slope

Photo courtesy of CHIPS

You can donate to the well established Park Slope organization, CHIPS. Founded in  1971, CHiPS (Park Slope Christian Help, Inc.) has, with help from local volunteers and faith organizations, prepared and served to the needy free hot, nutritious meals, and also offered seasonal clothing, emergency pantry items, and shelter for young mothers and their children.  

CHIPS was founded  by members of the St. Francis Xavier Church who were inspired by the spirit of the Vatican II Council. In 2004, the Groundswell Mural Organization commissioned a mural on the building’s south side. “Voiced Her’d: I Deal, I Dream, I Do” was painted by a team of female artists

Located at 200 Fourth Avenue, Park Slope Brooklyn.


2. Foodbank of City of New York

Photo courtesy of Bezerkley Best
The Food Bank of New York City is a wonderful organization that stocks up and distributes food for the hungry and homeless in New York and of course, Brooklyn.

3. City Harvest

City Harvest has done an amazing job of collecting food that goes unused from restaurants and recycling it for distribution to the hungry of our city.

4. MAZON: A Jewish Response To Hunger

This organization received a top-notch rating from the national charity watchdog organization. That means your dollars won't be frittered away in inefficiencies or worse, and that most or all of your contribution will go toward helping the hungry.

5. Brooklyn Community Foundation

This local foundation, which grants funds to Brooklyn organizations, set up a special "Recovery Fund" to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Some of their grants help provide food for people whose homes were wrecked by the storm, and who are unemployed, traumatized, dislocated or just don't have workable kitchens. Earmark your contribution to the Brooklyn Recovery Fund, and you can also add a note that you'd like to provide food relief.


See how to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief and recovery through the Brooklyn Community Foundation's special fund.

6. Other Ways to Fight Hunger

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