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The Commodore

Great Cocktails and Fried Chicken in Williamsburg Brooklyn

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The Commodore

The Commodore is a fantastic addition to Williamsburg's bar scene. The delicious cocktails and food draw a large fun loving crowd. Where else can you get a Pina Colada and a Manhattan and have them both taste great? If you're hungry, there's delicious Southern Fried Chicken and maybe one of the spiciest Fish Sandwiches you have ever tasted.


  • Great Cocktails
  • Delicious Food
  • Party scene



  • Packed on Weekends
  • Bartenders with Attitude
  • Practically Nowhere to Sit 



Address: 366 Metropolitan Ave., at Havemeyer

Telephone: (718) 218-7632

Nearest Subway: L to Lorimer / G to Metropolitan - Map

Hours: Daily, 4 p.m. - 4 a.m.

Guide Review

The Commodore may be one of the best bars in Brooklyn. The cocktails are quirky and well-mixed, and if you're hungry there's an a fantastic down-South menu that features Fried Chicken at an unbeatable price. For $9, you get three thighs and a fluffy biscuit. For braver souls, the Spicy Fish Sandwich, $8, has been known to set some people's mouths on fire. At the bar wash it down with a Michelada or any number of mixed drinks like Gin Fizzes, Margaritas, Manhattans, and other old school favorites. The Commodore is definitely a party scene - and the atmosphere, with vintage television shows on the TVs near the bar - is refreshingly cool. This bar would be five out of five stars if it weren't for the bartenders, who can be pretty rude. But even their rudeness sort of adds to the overall charm of this place.

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