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Best Bar Food in Williamsburg

Six Great Bars: Drink and Eat


There's no shortage of great bars in Williamsburg, but here are a few suggestions on where to go when you're looking to stay a while and chow down.

1. The Commodore


The hoards of people who frequent this bar aren't just there to drink. Commodore is known for its delicious fried chicken. But be warned: it can be difficult to get a seat, so if you're intent on eating, go earlier than 9 p.m. Order at the bar and you'll receive a table number, then pounce on an open spot as quick as you can. The fried chicken is incredible, as is the spicy chicken or fish sandwich, the fish sandwich, and the French fries. Commodore also has one of the quirkiest cocktail menus - you'll find everything from a Manhattan to a gimlet to a Pina Colada, year round.

2. The Charleston

The Charleston does not have the "best" bar food. In fact, the food here could be deemed mediocre, if not terrible. The Charleston has the cheapest food which can be considered the best depending on how broke you are and how much you love to drink. This rat hole of a bar draws in some of the dirtiest patrons in Williamsburg. Why in the world would you want to go there? Well, every night, until 3:30 a.m., you get a free personal pizza with any order totaling over $4. You can imagine the perks of this deal when you're finishing out your night at 2 a.m., starving.

3. Beco

Technically, Beco is a cafe, not a bar, but you can eat and drink to your heart's desire and you won't be disappointed. Sandwiches, like the Misto Quente (white bread ham and cheese with a fried egg on top), are large enough to quench an afternoon's worth of drinking related hunger. Order the entrees if you're starving: the feijoada, a traditional Brazilian beef stew, is very filling. The moqueca, a shrimp stew, is less intense. The filet mignon is delicious as well. Chase everything down with a delicious caipirinha, Brazil's traditional cocktail of booze, sugar, and lime.

4. Loreley

Loreley has the German beer garden experience covered. Not only are all their draft beers from Germany or Austria, the food there is one-hundred percent authentic: we're talking bratwurst in every iteration, spaetzle, strudel, and other words you've heard from The Sound of Music. The lovely outdoor garden is wonderful in the warmer months, and Loreley serves brunch on the weekends.

5. Manhattan Inn

This cocktail bar is swanky and chic, and since it was reviewed by The New York Times, people have flocked from all over New York for the experience. The cocktails here are very nice - the house Manhattan being a favorite, along with the Sazerac, and more. Beers on tap are available. Sit in Manhattan Inn long enough and you may work up an appetite. Luckily for you the food here is very good: the menu changes, but the staples include chicken wings, a sandwich (sometimes a Banh Mi, sometimes pulled pork), dumplings, and more. There's a nice variety of large and small dishes so you can order according to how hungry you are.

6. The Levee

Similar to The Charleston, if you've been drinking all night and are desperate for sustenance but can't manage to make it to a pizza place, The Levee has you covered. "Covered" meaning they serve hot dogs and Frito pies (Fritos covered in chili for the uninitiated) and supply the bar with cheese puffs and twizzlers. This may sound terrible now, but imagine the joy at last call when there's a Frito pie to be eaten.

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