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10 Dos and Don’ts of Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

10 Dos and Don’ts of a Brooklyn Bridge Walk


Two people on Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
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Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge has become one of the top tourist activities for visitors to New York City. But as with any major tourist attraction, there are Do’s and Don’ts to a Brooklyn Bridge walk.

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DO's of Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Plan to spend at least an hour in each direction, so there’s time to stop and look.
  2. Bring your street smarts: Go during daylight hours, or any evening when there are lots of other pedestrians.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes, and not high heels. (The planks of wood will catch small heels).
  4. Realize that it’s a 1.3 mile walk, perhaps longer than you (or your children) expected.
  5. Take a moment to get a photograph of the Manhattan skyline.
  6. Stay in the pedestrian lane.
  7. Pay attention to all the other traffic, such as bikes, that have their own lanes.
  8. DON'T's of Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

  9. Expect to find bathrooms, food vendors or water available on the Brooklyn Bridge. (Where to find public restrooms near the Brooklyn Bridge)
  10. Try to climb the Brooklyn Bridge.
  11. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in inclement weather unless you are prepared for wind.
  12. Forget your camera!

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