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Brooklyn, New York

A Neighborhood of Neighborhoods


Brooklyn, New York
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Brooklyn is one of New York City's five boroughs, located just south of the island of Manhattan. But Brooklyn is really a neighborhood made of neighborhoods. From the Russian-speaking residents of Brighton Beach to the Polish communities in Greenpoint and the large Hasidic Jewish population in Williamsburg, the borough is filled with diverse cultural enclaves. Brooklyn also boasts a thriving arts scene and world-class cultural institutions like the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Brooklyn Tidbits:

While Brooklyn may not be the largest borough (even though it takes up 71 square miles of land!) in New York City, it is the most populated. In 2006, the U.S. Census Bureau calculated Brooklyn's population at 2,508,820. Consider the fact that nearly half of those residents were born in a foreign country, and you can understand why Brooklyn has a multicultural flavor that makes it an appealing destination for people from all sides of the world.

Major Industries:

Construction and the service industry are the fastest growing job sectors in the Brooklyn economy, according to the Department of Labor. It's important to note, though, that less than half of Brooklyn's employed residents actually work in the borough.

Major Universities and Colleges:

Brooklyn is home to Brooklyn College, Polytechnic University, Pratt Institute, Packer Collegiate Institute, St. Joseph's College, St. Francis College, Brooklyn Law School, and others.

Brooklyn Major Attractions:

There's no shortage of great attractions in Brooklyn! Head to Coney Island for a day of fun at Astroland, New York City's only amusement park; make your way to the New York Aquarium; or just sample a Nathan's Famous hot dog while sitting on the beach. In June, you might witness the infamous Mermaid Parade, and September brings out millions to celebrate West American-Indian Day, an annual event in which revelers celebrate Caribbean culture with a parade that is New York City's largest.

My favorite Brooklyn museums include the Brooklyn Children's Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the New York City Transit Museum, and more. The Brooklyn Academy of Music offers incredible cultural events throughout the year, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a must-see for plant lovers, and Prospect Park--one of the borough's greenest gems--provides residents and visitors alike with 585 acres of grassy respite from city life (along with the city's only true forest!). Finally, no trip to Brooklyn is complete without a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Average Home Price:

The average price of an apartment in Brooklyn is about $627,324.

Brooklyn Trivia:

Brooklyn was once home to the Canarsie Native American tribe, people who fished and farmed the land. In the early 1600s, though, Dutch colonists moved in and took over the area.

Brooklyn was incorporated as the City of Brooklyn in 1834. Prospect Park opened to the public in 1867, and one of Brooklyn's most famous landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge, was officially opened in 1883.

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