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Does Brooklyn Today Still Have Italian Neighborhoods?


Question: Does Brooklyn Today Still Have Italian Neighborhoods?
Historically, Brooklyn had many predominantly Italian neighborhoods. Does contemporary Brooklyn still have largely Italian enclaves, with ethnic Italian restaurants, Italian bakeries and Italian food stores?

Four Historically Italian Neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY

1. Bensonhurst remains Brooklyn's most "Italian" neighborhood. Bensonhurst is no longer predominantly Italian, as it was in the 1980s and 1990s. Today a large immigrant Asian population lives in Bensonhurst, along with other people affiliated with other religious and ethnic groups.

2. Dyker Heights, a residential community adjacent to Bensonhurst, also has a strong Italian presence. Dyker Heights is well known for extravagant displays of Christmas lights in December.

3.Williamsburg has for a century been home to Brooklyn's July San Genario festival, organized by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Sections of this sprawling swath of Brooklyn remain ethnically Italian, and visitors can enjoy some remarkable old-world southern Italian-style restaurants. However, Williamsburg has become a very diverse area with a mix of 20-something college grads, artists, Hasidim, and others.

4. Carroll Gardens and Red Hook, once very much associated with Italian longshoremen and long an Italian enclave, are today quite gentrified. The Italian influence on these adjacent neighborhoods can be seen in a few old-school red-sauce Italian restaurants, Italian bakeries, and in patterns of local real estate ownership.

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