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Known for its dozens of small neighborhoods (each with its own personality), Brooklyn is famous for its humor, relaxed attitude, tree-lined streets, and excellent, affordable food — and of course, for the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn's liveable neighborhoods range from the genteel "brownstone" areas of Park Slope, Fort Greene and Carroll Gardens to still-raucous Coney Island, and from Brighton Beach on the Atlantic Ocean, home to Russian immigrants, to Williamsburg, where Hasidim and hipsters incongruously coexist. Brooklyn (pop. 2.5 million) has parks and museums, beaches and horseback riding — and great pizza.
  1. What's Near to the Brooklyn Bridge?
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  3. Bay Ridge
  4. DUMBO
  5. Brooklyn Heights
  6. Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill
  7. Coney Island
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  3. Park Slope
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What's Near to the Brooklyn Bridge?

Find out what to do after you walk the Brooklyn Bridge in the general vicinity of DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Brooklyn Heights.


Williamsburg, known for its "hipster" population, many music venues, cool bars, shops and creative "indie," DIY culture, is one of Brooklyn's hottest neighborhoods. It's also the home of thousands of Hasidim plus Latino residents, making for the ultimate melting pot experience.

Bay Ridge

One of Brooklyn's nicest, established residential areas, Bay Ridge is a world unto itself.


Tucked between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, DUMBO is a small neighborhood of art galleries, restaurants, shops and million dollar apartments with spectacular views of lower Manhattan, New York Harbor and even the Statue of Liberty. Once the site of the historic Fulton Ferry landing and large industrial warehouses, it has the feel of 19th-century waterfront Brooklyn with the cultural clout of contemporary Brooklyn. It's home to the upscale River Cafe and the popular pizzeria Grimaldi's, a floating concert hall, a famous chocolate store, a avant-garde theater, and numerous art festivals throughout the year.

Brooklyn Heights

Minutes away from Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights is an elegant, historic neighborhood of landmarked buildings, small stores. Its Promenade, high above the BQE Expressway and the Brooklyn Bridge Park, offers breathtaking Manhattan views from its perch on the East River. Important institutions in Brooklyn Heights include Brooklyn Law School, the Brooklyn Historical Society, the Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plymouth Church, which was a stop on the "underground railroad" during the mid-19th century American Civil War. Many writers, politicians and prominent names on Wall Street have made Brooklyn Heights their home.

Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill

Some call it "BoCoCa": the area that comprises Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, and Carroll Gardens. Whatever the name, head in that directions to enjoy great restaurants and shopping, historic brownstones, and charming tree-lined streets.

Coney Island

This historic Brooklyn neighborhood boasts New York City's largest amusement park, the New York Aquarium, famous hot dogs, mermaids, and more.


Just north of Williamsburg, this neighborhood is steeped in rich Polish influence, but now many young people who have been priced out of the Williamsburg neighborhood call Greenpoint home, bringing about the opening of great bars and restaurants.

Red Hook

A place for dreamers, Red Hook is an urban frontier that combines romance and grit. It's defined by vast industrial warehouses-turned-artists-lofts and eye-popping views of the Statue of Liberty. Red Hook is where truckers start the day at dawn, shortly after local artists and musicians close the bars. It's home to a 1930s Olympic-sized pool and a huge IKEA (with a ferry to Manhattan),low-income housing and small historic homes, a few cozy restaurants and bakeries — and a lot of waterfront. Cut off from the rest of Brooklyn by the 20th-century construction of a highway. Red Hook is a unique Brooklyn neighborhood.

Park Slope

Considered one of the most desirable residential communities in New York City, Park Slope boasts proximity to the large, beautiful Prospect Park, a huge housing stock of elegant attached brownstone homes, a good elementary school, several private schools, and the Park Slope Food Coop. Built in the late 1900s and early 20th century, it has reputation for being so family-friendly as to border on the obsessive. But in truth, the neighborhood was built for families, as the large swaths of liveable brownstone houses, now worth millions of dollars attest. Enjoy restaurants and boutiques along 5th and 7th Avenues.

Sunset Park

Visit Sunset Park's to sample the fare at this neighborhood's modest ethnic restaurants, tour magnificent Green-Wood Cemetery, walk the leafy streets, or take a weekend bike trip through historic Bush Terminal. Settled by Irish and Norwegian dockworkers, Sunset Park today is a safe working-class community of Latino (along 5th Avenue) and Asian (along 8th Avenue)immigrants, and a growing contingent of middle class Americans attracted by the area's diversity and affordability. This melting pot neighborhood boasts a huge park, Sunset Park, that offers extraordinary views of New York Harbor, and a vast 1930s outdoor pool.

Higher Education in Brooklyn

Find out about Brooklyn colleges,universities, professional programs, high schools and continuing education classes. Brooklyn has tens of thousands of students. Learn about Brooklyn colleges,universities, professional programs, high schools and continuing education classes.

Back to School Guide

School! Find out where to go shopping for back to school clothes and supplies, how to navigate the NYC public school maze (there are, after all, over 1 million students in the NYC school system) and what this year's school calendar looks like!

Brooklyn 101: Overview, Stats, History

Brooklyn basics: About the borough, basic facts, and bits of Brooklyn history.

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