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Higher Education in Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights


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Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Higher Education in Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights

The sculpture “Balanced Cylinders 5,” by artist Paul Sisko, is on the Jay Street Plaza in front of Poly’s main entrance. The work, made possible by the Lynford Family Charitable Trust, dates to 2002.

Photo © Ellen Freudenheim

Polytechnic Institute of New York University has been an affiliate of New York University since 2008. This prestigious private graduate and undergraduate school (formerly Polytechnic University) is the nation’s second oldest private engineering school, founded in 1854. The beneficiary of a large surprise endowment, it offers education in engineering, applied sciences, technology and research.

NYU-Poly has an enrollment of about 1,700 students. Suggesting a twenty-first century global perspective, NYU-Poly runs programs in China and the Middle East, as well as in other parts of the US.

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