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Visitors Guide to NY's Barclays Center: Brooklyn Nets Basketball,Concerts,Shows

Barclays in Brooklyn: Directions, Parking, Where to Eat, What's Showing, Hotels


Think Madison Square Garden in Brooklyn: a huge venue for entertainment and sport events, near a major transportation hub. That's Barclays Center which opened in September 2012 as the new home to the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA basketball team formerly known as the New Jersey Nets.

Barclays is also New York City's first new major sports and entertainment indoor arena to open in nearly a half-century, since 1968.

Barclays Center's owners expect to host about 200 sporting and entertainment events a year.

1. What's On at Brooklyn's Barclays Center?

Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler
If you're wondering what kind of events will be held here, you'd better ask instead what kind won't be booked at Barclays, because just about everyone with a big entertainment name seems to be swinging through Brooklyn via Barclays Center, from Streisand (Barbra's first concert ever in her hometown of Brooklyn, where people love people)to Dylan to the Harlem Globetrotters.

2. What's to Eat Inside the Barclays Center: Gourmet Hot Dogs, Lobster Rolls

Barclays Center has capitalized on Brooklyn's foodie revolution, so you can eat better here than in most mega-arenas. Or at home! Choose among Brooklyn faves such as pizza and cheesecake, or try "New Brooklyn" tastes including gourmet hot dogs, lobster rolls and BBQ pork. Yum yum, read more about chow at Barclays Center.

3. Where to Eat Near the Barclays Center?

Or, you can eat outside the arena. Barclays Center is located in a very busy part of Brooklyn, and there are many neighborhood restaurants, stores, bars and along Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, near Barclays. This is Brooklyn. So you can get middle eastern, pizza, kosher, vegan, sushi, Italian, soul food and you name it nearby.

4. Be Smart, Be Safe: 9 Tips on Taking Kids to Barclays Center Events

If you're planning to go see Disney on Ice or other family friendly entertainment at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, there are a few things in the "smart parenting" department that you might want to know.

5. Where It Is & How to Get to Barclays Center: 9 Subway Lines and the LIRR

Find out how to get to the Barclays Center, via the Barclays Terminal, formerly known as Atlantic Avenue terminal. Be smart: don't drive a car. The stadium does not have sufficient on-site parking, and there are not a lot of parking lots nearby.

6. Family Friendly Shows at Barclays Center

Courtesy of Feld Entertainment and Disney on Ice.
From the Harlem Globe Trotters to Disney on Ice, you can find blockbuster family entertainment and never leave the borough.

7. What's Jay-Z Got to Do with Barclays and the Nets?

8. Facts & Trivia About Barclays Center

The backstory to the Barclays Center is interesting: A Russian tycoon. A decade of public protest. A rusty facade that surprised everyone. Get the facts and trivia about Barclays Center in Brooklyn.


For instance, for those who love trivia data:

Q: How big is the Barclays Center? It's BIG!

  • A:
  • Size of the stadium: 675,000-square feet
  • Number of seats: Barclays Center will accommodate 18,000-seats for basketball games, and 19,000 for music and other entertainment events.It seats about as many people as Madison Square Garden.

9. Finding the Right Entrance for Your Ticket

If you're planning on meeting friends at the venue, it's good to know that Barclays Center has more than one entrance. Check your ticket to see where yours is. The options are:
  • Geico Main Entry – Main Entry: Corner of Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue
  • EmblemHealth Atlantic Avenue Entry: Northeast corner of arena on Atlantic Avenue
  • EmblemHealth Dean Street Entry: Southeast corner of arena on Dean Street
  • Calvin Klein VIP Entry: Northwest corner of arena on Atlantic Avenue

10. Getting Tickets to an Event at Barclays Center

Find out about getting tickets to Barclays Center sporting and entertainment events.

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