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5 Best Chocolate Shops in Brooklyn for Valentine's Day

BKLYN Chocolates for Valentine's Day


Where to Buy Artisanal, Imported Chocolates in Brooklyn

Chocolate's a classic for Valentine's Day. Buy it for your spouse, your significant other, your kids, your parents. And, buy it for yourself!

Here are five Brooklyn specialty shops with Valentine's Day chocolate candy that are, as we say in Brooklyn, to-die-for. Several of the shops make the chocolates right under your happy nose. Others import fine specialty chocolates. And most offer you the chance to sit down, cafe-style, and indulge in hot chocolate, baked chocolate treats, and chocolate candy, while on the premises.

1. Valentine's Wine and Chocolates Cafe: Chocolate Room in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Have a Valentine's Day date or buy locally made chocolates at the Chocolate Room in Park Slope

The Chocolate Room cafe and retail store is a Valentine's Day favorite. There are two shops, one in Carroll Gardens, and one in Park Slope.

Buy Chocolates: Come in and hand-select a gift box of the excellent, locally-made Knipschildt Chocolates.

If you can't get to the store, you still have time to order a few products online: cocoa mix, brownies, caramel and hot fudge sauce.

Cafe: Stop in for chocolate cake, chocolate drinks, and a wonderful Chocolate Fondue made for for two. This fondue uses sixty percent Belgian chocolate combined with fresh fruit, pound cake, and homemade marshmallow. Pair it with Moscato D’Asti wine, and you have a date for under $25.

For location and subways, see below.

2. Valentine's Day Gifts at Jacques Torres Chocolates in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Always busy and always delicious, Jacques Torres in DUMBO is the perfect chocolatier for Valentine's couples.

Buy Chocolates: Special, fun Valentine's Day items include chocolate body butter, chocolate love tonic and chocolate body paint. A game board of chocolate with playing pieces,is called, appropriately, the Kissing Game. Jacques Torres makes nearly seventy different kinds of chocolates; there's a wide selection. It's possible to order online, and Jacques Torres also has several Manhattan locations.

For sweethearts, buddies, or moms who are chocoholics: chocolate-themed t-shirts, hats and aprons are sold in the stores and online.

Cafe: Try to squeeze into a table on the tiny DUMBO store premises. On Valentine's weekend, it will be crowded, great people-watching, and fun.

For location and subways, see below.

3. Valentine's Bar None— Mast Brothers Chocolate in Williamsburg, BKLYN

Buy Chocolates: The handcrafted chocolate bars made on site by the two red-bearded Mast brothers are the perfect low-key gift for no-frills chocoholic lovers, friends, children and parental Valentines.

Buy a bar here, or at local distributors (including, among others, Biercraft on Park Slope's Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn Larder, and, for members, the Park Slope Food Coop).

Nibble a bar of Mast Brother's Chocolate, and go straight, if briefly, to heaven.

More Valentine's Day ideas in Williamsburg

For location and subways, see below.

4. Cozy Valentine's at Nunu Chocolates in Brooklyn's Boerum Hill

Image courtesy of Nunu Chocolates

Buy Chocolates: This chocolate candy has a significant yuuum! factor. Using Columbian chocolate, Nunu makes multi-flavored chocolates, for instance Earl Grey ganache and Mezcal chili chocolates. Pick up a box of made-on-the-premises chocolates for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Or, getsome heart lollipops or heart-shaped boxes of salt caramels.

Cafe: Nunu's Chocolates operates a cute cafe-shop-kitchen on Atlantic Avenue. Come for a Valentine's weekend date, indulge in wonderful chocolates, and watch the chocolates being made on the premises. Nunu is the creation of an entrepreneurial husband-wife team of self-taught chocolate makers.

For location and subways, see below.

5. Valentine's at Cocoa Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Buy Chocolates: Belgian chocolates are among the best in the world. Here you can pick up imported Belgian Leonidas chocolate. Looking for a different kind of Valentine's Day gift? A cute line of "chocolate spa" gift products, both edible and of the soap variety, is also sold here.

Cafe: Sexy little Cocoa Bar makes a good setting for an intimate moment over wine and chocolate on Valentine's Day weekend.

For location and subways, see below.


1. Chocolate Room (two locations: Park Slope and Carroll Gardens)

Address: 86th Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. 269 Court Street in Carroll Gardens
Phone: (718) 246-2600
Subways: 2,3, to Bergen (Park Slope); F to Smith Street (Carroll Gardens)

 2. Jacques Torres

Address: 66 Water Street,
Phone: (718) 875-1269
Subway: F to York Street or the A or C to High Street

3. Mast Brothers Chocolate

Address: 105 N 3rd Street between Wythe Ave & Berry Streets
Phone: (718) 388-2625
Subways: L train to Bedford Avenue

4.  NuNu

Address: 529 Atlantic Avenue, (between 3rd Ave & Times Plaza)
Phone: (917) 776-7102
Subways: All trains, to Atlantic Terminal

5. Cocoa Bar

Address: 228 7th Avenue # A 

Phone: (718) 499-4080

Subway: F train to 9th Street



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