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Whether you're craving piping hot pizza or an authentic Middle Eastern meal, a perfectly made Vietnamese sandwich or Latin American treats like pupusas and quesadillas, Polish fare or even just an award-winning red velvet cupcake, you can find it in Brooklyn.Discover restaurants, ethnically authentic food stores, where to buy the best wine and beer, and what big box food stores are in Brooklyn.
  1. Wonderful World of Brunch in Brooklyn
  2. Bars, Beer Halls and a Night Out in Hipster Central: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  3. Best Restaurants in Brooklyn
  4. Restaurants by Neighborhood
  5. "Restaurant Week" in Brooklyn: When & Where

Wonderful World of Brunch in Brooklyn

Brunch...something to look forward to during the week! And you have many options for brunching in Brooklyn...

Bars, Beer Halls and a Night Out in Hipster Central: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

From Williamsburg bowling alleys to the Brooklyn Brewery and the bocce courts at Union Hall and Floyd, there are plenty of ways to have a great night out in Brooklyn. Spice up your social life, and hit these hotspots.

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn

With a seemingly endless selection of restaurants, cafés, and street carts, it can be difficult to know where to go to eat well in Brooklyn. Here are my top picks for mouthwatering meals throughout the borough.

Restaurants by Neighborhood

Eating in Greenpoint? Try the Polish food. Taking a trip to Coney Island? Don't miss the pizza at Totonno's. Regardless of which Brooklyn neighborhood you find yourself in, the odds are that there's an amazing restaurant in the area.

"Restaurant Week" in Brooklyn: When & Where

There are a couple of Restaurant Week opportunities in Brooklyn, affording diners the chance to get great three course lunches, brunches and dinners at a fixed price. The biggest of these events is Brooklyn's own, home-grown, 10 day food extravaganza. Over 200 Brooklyn restaurants participate in Brooklyn's own version of "restaurant week." It's called Dine In Brooklyn. Check out where you can get a three course lunch or dinner for a song! Plus, a handful of Brooklyn restaurants also participate in the NYC Restaurant Week promotions, which are held twice yearly.

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