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Getting Around Brooklyn New York has good, cheap public transportation. Locals and tourists can easily get around Brooklyn by MTA subway and bus—or by such private transportation as car, car service or even limo. Learn about Bklyn's subway hubs, how to get from one neighborhood to another, and from here to the rest of the world: Manhattan, Queens, Long Island and its beaches, New Jersey, and JFK, LaGuardia, Newark airports. Tips on parking, car rentals and fun alternatives such as ferries and bike paths.
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How Long is the Brooklyn Bridge? In Miles and Kilometres?
People often wonder how long the Brooklyn Bridge is. Here's the answer, in both miles and kilometres.

Brooklyn Car Services
A car service can be more convenient than a taxi cab or public transportation. Find information about car services near you.

Find subway, walking, or bus directions to any destination in New York City.

Long Island Railroad Train Schedule
Find trains stopping at the LIRR station at the Atlantic Terminal.

New York City Subways 101
A helpful guide on how to use New York City's subway system.

Brooklyn Bus Map
A current map of Brooklyn bus routes.

New York City Subway Map
The MTA's current subway map.

Find subway, walking, or bus directions to any destination in New York City.

Brooklyn Bus Map
A current map of Brooklyn bus routes.

New York City Subway Map
The MTA's current subway map.

Where is Parking Near Atlantic Center Mall, BAM, Brooklyn Flea?
Information about parking near three Brooklyn attractions: the Atlantic Center Mall,the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Brooklyn Flea's weekend indoor winter location at the Williamsburg Savings Bank.

What Are Travel Directions to Brooklyn's Atlantic Mall by Subway,Bus or Car?
Travel directions to Atlantic Center Mall in Fort Greene Brooklyn NY by bus, train, subway and car.

Parking Lots in DUMBO, Near the Brooklyn Bridge: Where to Park the Car?
DUMBO is a major NYC tourist attraction, for visitors who walk the Brooklyn Bridge, attend events at Brooklyn Bridge Park, St. Ann's Warehouse, BargeMusic, or eat at Grimaldi's. But there's almost no street parking in this Brooklyn neighborhood. So if you do drive, where in the world do you park a car in DUMBO, Brooklyn?

How to Get to Brooklyn Bridge Park & DUMBO-Directions by Foot,Train,Bus,Boat,Car
DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park are big tourist attractions and are among the closest destinations for visitors who walk from Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. How do you get to Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO's various attractions, such as Fulton Landing, Grimaldi's Pizza, St. Ann's Warehouse, art galleries and East River parks by subway,...

How Many People Cross the Brooklyn Bridge Per Day?
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most popular of America's bridges. And, it's well used. How many people cross the Brooklyn Bridge every day?

When is the Manhattan-Bound Brooklyn Bridge Closed to Traffic?
You'd have to live in, oh, Staten Island not to have noticed that the Brooklyn Bridge is under repair. Drivers may be unpleasantly surprised to discover the Brooklyn Bridge is closed, and that they must drive across to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge. When is the Manhattan-Bound Brooklyn Bridge Closed to Traffic?

When is Brooklyn Bridge Traffic From Manhattan Diverted to the Wrong Side?
The Brooklyn Bridge will be undergoing repair until 2014. Brooklyn-bound drivers may find themselves, weirdly, diverted to the "wrong" side of the bridge. What's the schedule of changes impacting drivers?

How Long will the Brooklyn Bridge be Under Repair or Construction?
How long is the Brooklyn Bridge going to be under construction, anyway?

Getting From Brooklyn to Governors Island: When and Where Can One Get the Ferry?
One of the most popular outings in New York City is a trip to Governors Island, a 170-acre site oused for over 200 years for military training purposes, and long abandoned until its re-opening several years ago. It offers miles of biking and walking , interesting buildings, views of New York City, New York Harbor, the Brooklyn Bridge and more....

3 Cool Tips for Tourists Visiting DUMBO:Water Taxis,Bike Rentals,Brooklyn Bridge
Three Cool Tips for Tourists Visiting DUMBO: Water Taxis, Bike Rentals, Brooklyn Bridge

Directions - How to Get to Prospect Park's Celebrate Brooklyn Summer Concerts?
So you want to go to one of Brooklyn's famous summer concerts in Prospect Park, organized by Celebrate Brooklyn! but aren't sure how to get there? Here are directions by subway and bus, with information on valet bike parking.

Which Subway Stations are Nearest the South Slope in Park Slope, Brooklyn?
How do you get to the "South Slope?" Many apartment listings, restaurants and music venues give addresses in the "South Slope" in Brooklyn. What subway stations are closest to this Brooklyn neighborhood, which is part of greater Park Slope?

Which Subway Stations Are Nearest the North Slope in Park Slope, Brooklyn?
How do you get to the "North Slope?" Sometimes restaurants or apartment rental listings give addresses that specify the "North Slope" in Brooklyn. What subway stations are closest to this Brooklyn neighborhood, which is actually just part of greater Park Slope?

Which Subway Should You Take to Get to 5th Avenue or 7th Avenue in Park Slope?
The Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope is served by numerous trains and seven different stations. And, as the neighborhood stretches over a mile from north to south, you might wish to catch the train that's most convenient to your destination. Whether you're going to hear music at Barbes or Southpaw, or headed to a restaurant or shop, here...

How Do You Get to Park Slope Brooklyn By Subway? Which Trains Go Where?
Park Slope is growing in both size and popularity. With hundreds of restaurants and shops, interesting entertainment venues and an appealing school district, it's a Brooklyn neighborhood that's worth a visit. But Park Slope is served by seven different subway stations. What's the best way to get to where you're going, by subway, in Park Slope?

How Do You Get to Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn & What Happens There?
"Grand Army Plaza" is a well-known Brooklyn destination. What is it, where is it, how do you get there, and what happens at Grand Army Plaza?

Transportation: Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn to JFK Kennedy Airport by Mass Transit
It's easy, convenient and cheap to get from Atlantic Avenue subway station to JFK Kennedy Airport. The total trip takes about a half hour, and the price can't be beat: It's under $15, which is a lot cheaper than taking a taxi. Here's how to go from Atlantic Avenue station in Fort Greene, near the Atlantic Center Mall and Barclay Center, to JFK,...

JFK Kennedy Transportation: $15 to Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue by Mass Transit
Coming to Brooklyn from JFK? Or, if you live in Brooklyn, do you have family or friends coming to visit? Get to Brooklyn from Kennedy Airport by the cheapest, easiest form of transportation: public transit. Here's how to use New York City's airport to city system to arrive in Brooklyn faster, and much more cheaply, than by taking a $35 cab ride...

The Ultimate NY Taxi List: 100 Car Services in Brooklyn, in 20 Neighborhoods
To get a taxi in Brooklyn, one needs to call ahead and book it. Find the names and phone numbers of over 100 different car services in twenty different Brooklyn neighborhoods: Bay Ridge, Bed Stuy, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Heights, Bushwick, Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, DUMBO, Flatbush, Fort Greene, Gowanus, Greenwood,...

How to Get from the Brooklyn Bridge to Prospect Park in Brooklyn (Walking)
How to Get from the Brooklyn Bridge to Prospect Park (Walking)

Holiday Calendar: Alternate Side of the Street Parking in Brooklyn
Alternate Side of the Street Parking Calendar - Brooklyn

Where to Buy the New EZ Pass on the Go in Brooklyn and Other New York Boroughs
Find out where you can pick up an EZ Pass "on the go" tag in Brooklyn, as well as in Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan. It's a fast and, uh, easy way to make some time and avoid at least some traffic jams going in and out of New York City

Where to Get an EZ Pass, the New EZ Pass & Other E-ZPass Tips for New Yorkers
If you're investing in a car in the city, and plan to use it to drive, say, from Brooklyn to Manhattan or Long Island, or on summer vacation, then it's smart to save time by getting an EZ Pass tag for your car.

Where is Brooklyn, New York?
Where is Brooklyn?

East River Ferry in Brooklyn:Boat to Manhattan,DUMBO,Williamsburg,Greenpoint,LIC
Find out where to get the East River Ferry from neighborhoods in Brooklyn to Manhattan and back.

Brooklyn MTA Bus Routes,Now Restored,to IKEA,DUMBO,Williamsburg,Coney,Manhattan
In January 2013, the MTA restored some vital bus routes that had been cut as part of a budget process. Now there are buses running from such destinations as the Lower East Side to Williamsburg and IKEA in Red Hook to Carroll Gardens.

Something Punny Going On? "Meet me at the Subway"
It sounds silly, but if someone asks you to meet them at the subway in Brooklyn, you better know which subway they mean.

Cabs in Brooklyn: 7 Do's and Don'ts about Yellow Cabs
Get some street smarts about managing yellow cabs when you're going to and from Brooklyn.

How to Get to Brooklyn From Newark Airport, and From Newark to Brooklyn
Find out how to get from Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York, and vice versa. Public transportation options, car services and taxis you can call, average costs and more.

Hailing a (Green) Cab in Brookyn: 5 FAQ's for People in a Rush
What's with the apple-green-colored cabs in Brooklyn? Find out about yellow and green taxis.

Where to Report Street Potholes: Read All About It at The Daily Pothole
Find out where to report potholes in Brooklyn and city wide. Better, check in on this hilarious blog about potholes, and get a sense of who is really making the city run....smoothly!

Renting Those Nice Blue CitiBikes In Brooklyn: User Guide
Which subway stop in Brooklyn has a big Citi Bike station? If you want to take a ferry from Brooklyn to Manhattan, which ferry stops have Citi Bike stations? These and other useful CitiBike tips.

How to Get to Brooklyn? By Train,Subway,Bike,Car,Ferry, on Foot
How to get to Brooklyn, the hottest spot in NYC, by train, subway, car, cab or by bike, on foot and by air ( no hot air balloons, please!). Or,walk the Brooklyn Bridge!

Islands (Not Caribbean!) Worth a Visit: Ellis,Governors,Liberty & Long
Brooklyn's got an island culture of its own. It's just now what you think.

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