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Holiday Calendar: Alternate Side of the Street Parking in Brooklyn

2014: When New York's Complex "Alternate Side of the Street" Rules DONT Apply



Holidays are not the only time in the calendar year when alternate side rules are suspended

Photo by E. Freudenheim

2014 Calendar: When Is Alternate Side of the Street Parking Suspended?

The following list indicates the calendar holidays and days of the week in 2014 when New York City's "alternate side of the street parking" rules don't apply in Brooklyn.


 New Years Day*

Martin Luther King

Asian Lunar New Year

 Lincolns Birthday

Ash Wednesday

Washingtons Birthday (Presidents Day)


 the first day of Passover

 the second day of Passover

Holy Thursday

Good Friday

the seventh day of Passover

the eighth day of Passover

Orthodox Holy Thursday

Orthodox Good Friday

 Solemnity of the Ascension



Date Holiday
Monday, May 26 Memorial Day*
Thursday, May 29 Solemnity of the Ascension
Wednesday, June 4 Shavuot
Thursday, June 5 Shavuot
Friday, July 4 Independence Day*
Monday, July 28 Idul-Fitr
Tuesday, July 29 Idul-Fitr
Wednesday, July 30 Idul-Fitr
Friday, Aug 15 Feast of the Assumption
Monday, Sept 1 Labor Day*
Thursday, Sept 25 Rosh Hashanah
Friday, Sept 26 Rosh Hashanah
Saturday, Oct 4 Idul-Adha and Yom Kippur
Sunday, Oct 5 Idul-Adha
Monday, Oct 6 Idul-Adha
Thursday, Oct 9 Succoth
Friday, Oct 10 Succoth
Monday, Oct 13 Columbus Day
Thursday, Oct 16 Shemini Atzereth
Friday, Oct 17 Simchas Torah
Thursday, Oct 23 Diwali
Saturday, Nov 1 All Saints Day
Tuesday, Nov 4 Election Day
Tuesday, Nov 11 Veterans Day
Thursday, Nov 27 Thanksgiving*
Monday, Dec 8 Immaculate Conception
Thursday, Dec 25 Christmas*

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