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Brooklyn MTA Bus Routes,Now Restored,to IKEA,DUMBO,Williamsburg,Coney,Manhattan

Effective January 2013, Brooklyn is Even More Connected


Effective Jan. 6 2013, a number of changes in the MTA's Brooklyn bus routes changed the public's transportation options, for the better. In general, these changes restored routes that had been cut for budget reasons in prior years. As a result of the resumption of service, neighborhoods that were hard to reach are now much more accessible. For instance, there's a bus route connecting Bay Ridge and Coney Island, and Williamsburg and the Lower East Side.

Weekend Bus Service Restored in 2013

Weekend bus riders can get around to some of Brooklyn's best outings more easily now, including DUMBO, Greenpoint and Williamsburg (great for shopping and brunch), Fort Greene and Prospect Heights (ditto) and Prospect Park (go for a hike, watch the birds), and the unbeatable Brooklyn Navy Yard.

  • B 24 Bus : Weekend service restored, linking Greenpoint and Manhattan Avenues in Greepoint, via Williamsburg's Metropolitan and Graham Aves, and Williamsburg Bridge Plaza. During the weekday morning rush hour, allow 45 minutes from start to finish. Bring your e-reader or a book! See the MTA route and timetable.
  • B 69 Bus : Weekend service restored connecting DUMBO, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Fort Green, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, and Kensington. This line runs between Kensington's Cortleyou Rd. and McDonald Ave. via Park Slope along 7th Ave. from 20th St. to Flatbush, up to Grand Army Plaza, through Prospect Heights and Fort Greene, past the Navy Yard and into DUMBO. It goes down Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights, into the Brooklyn Navy Yard, ending at the subway station at Jay Street and Sands St. See the route and timetable for the B 69 here.

Full Time Bus Service Restored in 2013

Yes! You can now get to IKEA and all the great restaurants and views in Red Hook by bus. Coney Island's connected to Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge, and commuters from Williamsburg into the Lower East Side who can't abide the crowds on the L train now have an alternative route, a bus ride over the Williamsburg Bridge. The hipster bus! These and more restored bus options include:

  • B4 Bus: Restore full-time service to Knapp Street/Voorhies Avenue via Neptune Avenue, Sheepshead Bay Road, Emmons Avenue/Shore Parkway. See the MTA timetable and route for the B 4 bus.
  • B 39 Bus: Daytime service connecting Williamsburg's Williamsburg Bridge Plaza to Delancey and Allen Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It's a 10 minute ride. See the MTA timetable for the B 39.
  • B 48 Bus: This line connects Greenpoint with Prospects-Lefferts Gardens. In January 2013, the MTA announced restored service on the leg of the route from Atlantic Avenue to the Prospect Park (B/Q) Station on the Prospect Lefferts Gardens side of Prospect Park. See the MTA route and timetable for the B 48 bus. Note that it takes an hour by busy to go from Greenpoint to Prospect-Lefferts Gardens by bus. Along the way in Williamsburg you pass Lorimer Street, Franklin Ave., Bedford-Stuyvesant's Franklin Avenue, passing Atlantic and Franklin, arriving at Flatbush Ave. and Lincoln Road.
  • B 57 Bus: Restored service into Red Hook IKEAÂ from Carroll Gardens, via Court Street, Loraine Street and Otswego St. (You can connect to the IKEA ferry here.) See the MTA's route and timetable for the B 57.
  • B64 Bus: Runs between Bay Ridge Shore Road and Coney Island, through Bensonhurst and Dyker Heights:Â Restore the extended run that goes from Cropsey Avenue to Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue (D/F/N/Q) Station via Harway Avenue. See the MTA's route and timetable for the B 64.

Mass transit, it's a wondrous thing.

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