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Brooklyn Healthcare: Hospitals and Medical Resources

Your guide to hospitals and healthcare in Brooklyn.

Swine Flu in Brooklyn
Get the facts about swine flu in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Hospitals
Find information on Brooklyn's many hospitals and medical facilities.

Where to Get a Flu Shot in Brooklyn
If you decide to get a flu vaccination this season, this guide to getting flu shots in Brooklyn will help.

5 Places to Get Free or Low Cost Mammograms in Brooklyn,Regardless of Insurance
Find out where to get free or low cost mammograms in Brooklyn, NY.

Where to Get Free or Low-Cost Healthcare in Brooklyn:Community Health Centers
Too many Brooklyn residents don't have medical insurance, or don't have adequate insurance. If you need medical care in Brooklyn, where can you go to get free or lower cost health care? Before just heading to the emergency room in the hospital, consider going to a community health center. Find out m

8 Things to Know:New Obamacare & Low-Cost Health Insurance Hits Brooklyn & NY
Get the scoop on the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obama Care, in Brooklyn. Who offers it and where to get information?

Brooklyn Patients: Ask About Your Doctor's Financial Incentives
Is your doctor's prescription for you--whether for a pill or a procedure--being subtly influenced by his or her financial investment in the company that makes the medication or promotes a certain procedure? And if so, is that the only or best route of care for you? It's a question that New York City patients, including Brooklyn residents, should ask, because one possible downside of living in a major medical center is that a lot of the best and brightest docs may also be investing in companies in their own fields. It's awkward, but smart, to inquire.

ObamaCare in Brooklyn: Who, Where, Why & Where to Sign & How to Get Help
Should you sign up for health insurance through Obamacare? Where can you go for help? Are you eligible for a subsidy to reduce the cost of the insurance? Find out, from a Brooklyn perspective.

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