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In this guide, learn about Brooklyn NY's five centuries of American history: before and during the American Revolutionary War, its role in black history, American military and labor history, and Brooklyn contributions to New York City in art, culture, food and architecture. Includes local Bklyn neighborhood histories and walking tours. Iconic landmarks include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Verrazano Bridge and the Williamsburgh Savings Bank.
  1. Battle of Brooklyn (12)
  2. About September 11th, 2001 (20)
  3. Brooklyn Bridge (54)
  4. Brooklyn Landmarks (11)
  5. Brooklyn Neighborhood Histories (5)
  6. Brooklyn Trivia (31)
  7. Women's History Month in Brooklyn (10)

Martin Luther King Day & Black History Month Books: What Is Brooklyn Reading?
Find out what Brooklyn readers, bookstores, and others are reading for Black History Month and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

How Many Places are Named Brooklyn in the US?
How Many Places are Named Brooklyn in the US?

Brooklyn History - An Overview
Learn more about how the Dutch colony of Breuckelen eventually became one of the most populated areas in the United States. A history of Brooklyn and its landmarks.

Brooklyn Heights Walking Tour — Pierrepont Place
INTRODUCTION TO PIERREPONT PLACE, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS Welcome to a brief walking tour of Pierrepont Place, one of Brooklyn's most elegant streets. Pierrepont Place was home to many of Brooklyn's 19th-century wealthy, WASPY movers and shakers. Many of Brooklyn s unique cultural institutions got their start nearby: the Brooklyn Historical...

Explore Brooklyn History with a Tour of Sunset Park
Some of Brooklyn's most interesting historical sites are located in modest Sunset Park, a largely immigrant neighborhood adjacent to both a large waterfront area, and the huge swath of parkland that is Green-wood Cemetery. Sunset Park's identity is defined by its proximity to a historic waterfront, just as Park Slope is defined relative to...

Brooklyn Historical Society
Museum and library dedicated to the preservation of Brooklyn history.

The Manhattan Bridge
Since 1909, the Manhattan Bridge has provided a gateway into Brooklyn from Canal Street in Manhattan. Find out more about this beautiful suspension bridge.

The Williamsburgh Savings Bank
At 512 feet, the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower is the tallest structure in Brooklyn. Learn more about this historic building.

Lefferts Historic House
Explore over 200 years of history at Lefferts Historic House in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Visitors of all ages can participate in craft activities, play with interactive exhibits, and learn about pre-Colonial history.

The Green-Wood Cemetery
Rolling hills, four ponds, and nearly 500 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds make the historic Green-Wood Cemetery an oasis worth visiting.

How did Brooklyn get its name?
Learn how a place called Breuckelen became the Brooklyn we know and live in today.

A History of the Domino Sugar Factory Controversy
Read a history of the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and find out why this abandoned old building is the source of great controversy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Historical Society
Museum and library dedicated to the preservation of Brooklyn history.

Things Invented in Brooklyn
From Sweet & Low to teddy bears, Brooklyn has been home to all sorts of amazing inventions over the years.

Brooklyn Trivia Quiz
Think you know Brooklyn? Test your borough smarts with this quiz.

Brooklyn Walking Tour: Victorian Homes in Prospect Park South
Landmarked in 1979 by New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission, Prospect Park South was one of New York’s early suburban planned communities.

Where is Ebbets Field, Home to Brooklyn Dodgers
The location of the Brooklyn Dodgers' Ebbets Field

Can You Visit Ebbets Field in Brooklyn?
Can You Visit Ebbets Field in Brooklyn?

Gowanus Canal—Truth or Fiction that "Bodies Were Dumped Here?"
Today, Gowanus, the neighborhood, is one of Brooklyn's hip, up-and-coming neighborhoods.


But it wasn't always that way.


Visiting Brooklyn's Italian Neighborhoods
AN overview of what to look for when visiting one of Brooklyn's famous Italian neighborhoods.

10 Dos and Don’ts of Walking the Brooklyn Bridge
How often do you get to walk on a landmark? Well, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City's most popular landmarks. If you are planning a Brooklyn Bridge walk, here are ten "dos and don'ts."

George Polk Award for Journalism—What Do They Have to with Brooklyn & LIU?
The nationally recognized George Polk Awards are administered by Long Island University. What is the connection between George Polk, the George Polk Awards for Journalism, and Brooklyn?

DUMBO, Near the Brooklyn Bridge — A Tour of Trendy Front Street
DUMBO is the Brooklyn neighborhood closest to Manhattan, on the southern tip of the island. And, it's a huge destination for tourists, visitors and Brooklynites looking for great views of New York Harbor, interesting architecture, and a uniquely Brooklyn experience of walking under both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

A History of Brooklyn's Williamsburg Bridge - Fun Facts
The Williamsburg Bridge has been open for business (cars, subways, pedestrians and cyclists) since 1903.

What and Where is Brooklyn's Celebrity Path?
What and Where is Brooklyn's Celebrity Path? What celebs were born or raised in Brooklyn? Find out which famous people are honored in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Celebrity Path.

Great Summer Tours of Brooklyn: Food & Beer
One interesting way to spend some time in New York City is by learning something about the Brooklyn! Brooklyn, with its rich heritage of American history, immigration, industry, ethnic diversity, architecture, intellectual creativity, politics and innovation, offers plenty of avenues for exploration. Here are two great tours focusing on food...

Revolutionary War in NY: Battle of Brooklyn Events at Green-Wood Cemetery
Attend the annual August Revolutionary War event at historic Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, from 10 am to 3 pm, to commemorate the 1776 Battle of Brooklyn. You'll see re-enactments, watch an Irish parade, hear colonial era music, see people in period costumes, and more. But this isn't a corny, commercial operation: you can actually see Battle...

Battle of Brooklyn Reenactment & 1776 Revolutionary War Military History Sites
Many Americans associate the celebration of American independence with July 4th, but in Brooklyn, New York, some of the festivities and educational programming about the Revolutionary War are reserved for late August. That's the anniverssary of the decisive Battle of Brooklyn, in which troops led by General George Washington fought the British....

Pre-Civil War Black History: African American Doctors in Brooklyn and US
Brooklyn’s African American history includes a few examples of pre-Civil War era medical personnel.Although the history of black doctors and nurses in pre-Civil War America is largely untold, although celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the US Civil War have refocused attention on this interesting story.

Tours of Brooklyn: Guide for Visitors & New Yorkers (and even Brooklynites!)
Get to know Brooklyn, New York City's much-beloved "outer borough." Take a tour of a neighborhood, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, or a self guided walking tour. See Victorian homes, how Brooklyn Brewery makes beer, and learn about Brooklyn Heights' gilded past.

World War 2 in Brooklyn: Places to Visit, from Brooklyn Navy Yard to Sunset Park
World War 2 had an enormous impact on New York City, and certainly in Brooklyn. Find out where to visit World War 2 sites in Brooklyn — starting with the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard.

December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day Had A Huge Impact on Brooklyn - NYC WW II History
Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th, marked the beginning of American involvement in World War 2. It had a profound impact on, and in, Brooklyn. The ranks of workers at the Brooklyn Navy Yard swelled, women went to work in "men's" jobs, and hundreds of thousands of newly enlisted soldiers shipped out of Brooklyn's ports to fight in Europe and North...

Has Brooklyn Done Enough to Honor Martin Luther King Jr? What's Named after MLK?
In some cities, the name Martin Luther King graces major streets, schools, parks and more. What in Brooklyn New York is named after Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Researching Brooklyn NY: Brooklyn Treasures in NYC Online Historical Archive
Brooklyn treasures can be found in New York's first-ever online archive of photographs, maps, motion pictures and other media covering 160 years of NYC history, drawn from the New York City Municipal Archives and released in April 2012. The archive holds nearly 90,000 images at www.nyc.gov/records. And you can be sure, there's Brooklyn history...

Share a Jewish Joke? Jewish Historical Initiative Documents Brooklyn Jewish Life
The centuries-old saga of Jewish life in Brooklyn — with its immigrants and activists, writers and pundits, struggles and successes— is documented in a new program affiliated with the Brooklyn Historical Society. Starting with a website and moving into exhibits and educational and archival materials, the

Ride a Vintage Subway for a NYC Christmas. Holiday Nostalgia Train is Cheap Fun
Starting Thanksgiving weekend, you can catch a ride on a historic vintage subway in NYC. It's perfect for that post-holiday outing for your kids, favorite train buff or history fan.

Want a Photo of Your Brooklyn Home? NY Tax Dept Photo Archives to Die For
Find out about how to obtain an affordable photo of old Brooklyn homes, thanks to (of all places) ... the NYC tax department.

7 Places to Find Historic Photos of Brooklyn: Sites, Old Houses & Buildings
Luckily, you don't have to hire a private detective to find a snapshot of your old building in Brooklyn. Here are 7 great resources to find old Brooklyn photographs. Find a photo of your home as it looked in 1940. Flip through photos of the Brooklyn Bridge being built. See what your grandpa was talking about when he spun tales about working at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Looking for your Brooklyn family tree or roots? Here are a few tips on how to start learning about your parents or grandparents --or great great grandparents! -- life in Brooklyn. It's easy and fun, a form of urban genealogy. And, you have a lot of online tools.

Collectives in Brooklyn: Sunset Park's Scandinavian Coops, Unions & More
Brooklyn was home to the first cooperative housing initiative in the nation, when Finnish immigrants built coops in Sunset Park in 1916. Even before that, Brooklynites in the 19th century formed a union cooperative to demand fair working conditions. Collectives and coops are in Brooklyn's cultural DNA.

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs Turn 100! 7 Brooklyn Trivia Questions
Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, born in Brooklyn's Coney Island, turn 100 in 2016. How do you celebrate the anniversary of a hot dog? Well, you have a trivia test, of course!

Centennial of Nathan's Hot Dog Contest,the Only Sport Born in Brooklyn
Olympic eating may be the only sport born in Brooklyn. Find out about Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, held every July 4th in Coney Island! The spectacle has been going on since 1916; the contest's centennial birthday is in 2016.

Senator Schumer's Top 5 - No, Make That 6!- Top Picks for Coney Island
A chance meeting with Senator Charles Schumer on the Coney Island boardwalk gave us the opportunity to find out what he loves most in Coney Island.

Brooklyn Projects Steal Municipal Arts Soc. Architectural Awards, 2014
Seven out of nine awards for innovative architecture were given to Brooklyn sites by the prestigious 2014 Municipal Arts Society's MASterworks Awards program.

Those Bronze Plaques on the Brooklyn Bridge? Fascinating NYC History
Don’t just walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Before, after or during your walk, take a moment to read these historical signs on the Bridge. Here are some of the most powerful bits to fire your imagination back to the late 19th century when it was newly built, and NY Harbor was bustling.

Weeksville Heritage Museum, Site of Free Black Community in Brooklyn
Brooklyn's extraordinary Weeksville, a free black community from 1828, just won an architecture award, for a spiffy new building, but it's not open to the public.

Which Skyscraper Is It? The Empire State Building? Or Chrysler?
Looking at Manhattan's skyline from Brooklyn, one sees a lot of skyscrapers. But which is the Chrysler Building? Which the Empire State Building?

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