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The Manhattan Bridge


The Manhattan Bridge
Photo © aturkus

Though perhaps not as famous as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, with its seven automobile lanes and two subway tracks, is heavily trafficked. This suspension bridge, at almost 7000 feet long, provides a gateway across the East River from southeastern Manhattan into Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

Manhattan Bridge Basics

  • Construction commenced: October 1, 1901
  • Opened to traffic: December 31, 1909
  • Total length: 6855 feet
  • Length of main span: 1470 feet
  • Length of each of the four cables: 3224 feet

The Man Behind the Design

The architect responsible for the Manhattan Bridge is Leon Moisseiff.

The Manhattan Bridge Today

Sandwiched between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge is currently undergoing an $829 million renovation. An average of 78,000 vehicles cross the Manhattan Bridge every day, according to the AADT. The bridge has seven lanes for automobile traffic, plus additional bike and pedestrian lanes, and two subway tracks that service the B, D, Q, and N lines.

Data: NYC Department of Transportation

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