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Time for Grad School? Check out Brooklyn's Graduate and Professional Programs

Professional Schools, Grad Schools, Further Education in Brooklyn


Time for Grad School? Check out Brooklyn's Graduate and Professional Programs

Brooklyn Law School is one of the best known of Brooklyn's various academic graduate programs.

Photo © Ron Hester, Courtesy of Brooklyn Law School

Considering grad school or professional school? Lots of college grads move to Brooklyn and love it — but then feel they have to leave to pursue further education. Well, check out what's available in Brooklyn. Taken together, a half-dozen or so institutions of higher education in Brooklyn offer over five dozen diverse areas of graduate study, from medicine and law to architecture and industrial design. Many are highly regarded.

Health Professions

Those interested in health related professions might investigate New York State’s largest medical school, SUNY Downstate , which of course confers medical degrees. SUNY's huge medical education complex in central Brooklyn also trains students in a slew of graduate programs in nursing, public health and other health professions. Graduate studies in health fields are also offered by Long Island University's Brooklyn campus.

Engineering and Sciences

On the scientific-technical front, Polytechnic Institute of New York University offers dozens of masters and doctorate level programs, from electrical engineering to technology management.

And, while people may think of Brooklyn College as an undergraduate institution — it is, after all, called a college — you can also enroll there for doctoral level study in the hard sciences, such as biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer and information science and environmental science,not to mention psychology.

Business, Law, Architecture and Other Professions

Brooklyn Law School trains lawyers, of course. But it also offers joint degree programs in tandem with Baruch College in such fields as business administration, city and regional planning, library and information science, political science and urban planning.

Interested in design, in the broadest sense? Pratt Institute, another venerable Brooklyn school is famous for its architecture programs. But Pratt also offers dozens of graduate degrees in interesting fields from library studies to package design to “art therapy and creativity development.”

While liberal arts graduate study is not Brooklyn's strongest suit, there are pockets of excellence. For instance, in keeping with the borough's energetic literary scene, Brooklyn College boasts a nationally competitive Masters of Fine Arts in fiction, poetry, and play writing.

The fact that Brooklyn is a small academic powerhouse for graduate school study may surprise even some who live here. If you're thinking it's time to go back to school, but hate leaving Bklyn, see what's right here in the borough.

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