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Brooklyn Botanic Gardens—When to Go, What to See, How to Get There


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Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens—When to Go, What to See, How to Get There

Weeping Cherry Tree in Brooklyn Botanic Garden, April

Photo by Ellen Freudenheim
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one of New York City's great cultural and environmental treasures.

It is one of New York City's two botanical gardens. The other, the New York Botanical Garden, is located in the Bronx.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, open year-round, is a gem located on historic Brooklyn's "culture row," right next to the famous Brooklyn Museum.

Easily accessible by subway, it is an oasis of beautifully cultivated flowers and trees, famous for its Japanese Garden and Pond, and the weekend-long spring Cherry Blossom Festival.

When is this year's Cherry Blossom Festival?

It includes over fifty acres of carefully designed and meticulously maintained environments: lilac and daffodil hills, rose gardens, a blossoming Japanese cherry orchard (and an annual festival with drumming and performances that’s not to be missed), a children’s garden, a rock garden, a fragrance garden, and more.

Local Brooklyn residents,visitors, and gardeners of all levels of sophistication may well find inspiration here, as will children, writers and poets, lovers, and nature lovers.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is in Prospect Heights, near to the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Central Library, Prospect Park, and Park Slope.

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