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Applewood Restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn — Popular Dinner, Brunch Spot


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  • Address: 501 11th Street
  • Phone: (718) 788-1810
  • Nearest Subway: F train, Seventh Avenue stop
  • Cross Streets: Off Seventh Avenue
  • Neighborhood: Park Slope
  • Visit their website: Applewood Restaurant


  • Excellent food
  • Conscientious locally grown and organic
  • Butchering and all processing takes place on site
  • Owner-chef
  • Full bar
  • Fireplace
  • Outdoor waiting area with rustic bench
  • Family friendly brunch HYPERLINK


  • Sometimes slow service
  • Some consider it expensive
  • Reservations recommended
  • No outside dining

Applewood Restaurant in Park Slope

Applewood might well have been airlifted from the Pacific Northwest and plunked down right in Brooklyn. With its cozy fireplace and carefully prepared locavore foods, Applewood's daily-changing menu depends on what the owners find at the market that's fresh and promising. Small wonder that Applewood is popular among Park Slope residents as well as locally-grown produce food mavens and sustainable food movement folks who travel to sample its fare.

"New Brooklyn" Style Restaurant — Locally Grown Food, Healthy Food

Applewood is a restaurant on a mission. Owners David and Laura Shea spell it out on their restaurant's website as "complete devotion to supporting local farmers." They promise "exclusive use of hormone- and antibiotic-free meats and poultry, as well as wild fish," and "on-site butchering of whole animals including lamb, goat, deer, and pigs."

Because the menu is determined by what's available locally, you can have a quite different dining experience according to the season.

Menu at Applewood Stresses Sustainability and "Locally Grown"

Whatever the season, dinner both begins and ends with panache.

For starters, guests receive a plate of delicious freshly baked bread and three delicate spreads.

Summer meals, of course, showcase an abundance of fresh local produce. Even in the coldest months, however, Applewood turns out reliably good fare. A sustaining winter dinner menu might include the following selections: a seasonal soup, roasted red beets salad, and sautéed Atlantic hake with herb roasted new potatoes and broken olive tapenade.

Dinner ends with tough choices, for instance between a caramelized apple tart, grilled olive oil cake, killer flourless chocolate cake, or rum-pecan bread pudding with vanilla-orange soup. Artisanal desert cheeses are made of dairy products from free-grazing farms.

Relaxed Ambiance

Applewood is not an eat-and-run restaurant. A meal here is a leisurely, relaxed operation, after which you feel not only well fed, but also nurtured.

Applewood occupies the bottom floor of a Victorian storefront on a quiet residential street in the North Slope. The décor, complete with painted tin ceiling and a working fireplace, echoes the understated hip-Victorian aesthetic that's recognizably brownstone Brooklyn. Applewood often features the work of Brooklyn artists on the restaurant's walls.

Applewood is a fine example Brooklyn's portfolio of environmentally conscious, culinarily sophisticated mom-and-pop restaurants that, some say, represents a New Brooklyn Cuisine.

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