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Café LULUc

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Café LULUc
Photo by Kristen Goode

The Bottom Line

For good, affordable French-inspired food, Café LULUc is a neighborhood favorite. The restaurant's popular brunch is a bargain, with all menu items priced at less than $10.


  • Great-tasting food
  • Reasonable prices
  • Pretty outdoor garden


  • Slow service
  • Crowded, noisy environment
  • Cash only


Guide Review - Café LULUc

Brunch in Brooklyn doesn't get much better than the pancakes or French toast at Café LULUc. Served with fruit or compote, these delicious dishes cost only $6.50 each, a bargain by New York City standards.

Egg dishes, like specialty omelettes or a savory scallion and salmon scramble, are fine options, too. The dinner menu includes everything from grilled sandwiches and burgers to pork chops or homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli.

The restaurant's small outdoor garden is an added bonus and a much-needed escape from the café's interior, which is crowded with noisy tables. Try to arrive early, if possible -- Café LULUc doesn't take reservations, and there's usually a wait, especially on the weekends.

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