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Williamsburg's Best Brunch Spots

Top 10 Brunch Spots


It’s the weekend. You’re awake and in desperate need of sustenance. Luckily, Williamsburg has plenty of brunch destinations to choose from—but these 10 will leave you in absolute gastronomical bliss.

1. Loreley

Get the best of both worlds at this beer garden now serving a full brunch menu on weekends. Chase away hangovers with the hair of the dog and nosh on traditional German meals like schnitzel and potato pancakes. With a lovely outside seating area, you'll find it hard to believe you're sitting directly under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

2. Le Barricou

533 Grand St., (718) 782-7372

Practically every single dish on this brunch menu is delectable, which explains the crowds that gather here every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It’s worth the wait: the steak and eggs are fantastic and the traditional Croque Madam will melt in your mouth. There are several omelets to choose from, including one sweet/savory pairing of apple and bacon. Even the unsuspecting grilled chicken sandwich will impress.

3. El Almacen

577 Driggs Ave., (718) 218-7284

This Argentine restaurant specializing in huge portions of delicious grilled meats offers the same at brunch with other exotic treats. Steak and eggs is the obvious choice here, but the Huevos are delicious and less filling. The Chorizo and eggs is always a crowd pleaser.

4. Egg

135 North Fifth St., (718) 302-5151

Diners from all over the state of New York come to Egg for its fresh, organic, local farm ingredients. Only die-hard brunchers need apply—it’ll be a wait. Once seated, enjoy the French press coffee with the Eggs Rothko (egg + toast + cheddar + broiled tomato) or opt for the more traditional two eggs with your choice of side. The cheese grits are phenomenal.

5. Harefield Road

769 Metropolitan Ave., (718) 388-6870

For a more laid-back dining experience, take a trip to Harefield Road. The food is cheap and the atmosphere is friendly. A little off the beaten path in East Williamsburg, this beer-bar morphs into a restaurant during brunch hours with outdoor seating. Highlights include the Harefield eggs (a benedict w/smoked salmon) and the breakfast burrito.

6. Manhattan Inn

632 Manhattan Ave., (718) 383-0885

New to the brunch scene, Manhattan Inn is a great bar with great food. It offers hearty vegetarian omelets, egg sandwiches, a Lumberjack plate, and their signature “brunch rum” at a prix fixe. Wash everything down with Stumptown coffee and enjoy the musical stylings of a live piano player.

7. Diner

85 Broadway, (718) 486-3077

Diner has atmosphere, delicious food, and amazing cocktails—their Bloody Mary really can’t be beat. The menu is seasonal and always changing, with exotic offerings such as scrapple and eggs, or a salad of ramps and beets. But old faithful, their burger, is one of the best in town. Marlow & Sons, their sister restaurant, is a great pick for special occasion dining.


8. Beco

45 Richardson St., (718) 599-1645

Enjoy a prix fixe brunch for $14.95 with coffee and caipirinha (or bloody mary) included from this quaint Brazilian cafe. The eggs are poached to perfection, and the benedict is served with fried hash browns and tangy mixed greens. Heartier options include the Fejoada, a traditional Brazilian stew, and steak and eggs.

9. Five Leaves

18 Bedford Ave.. (718) 383-5345

Five Leaves has lived up to its celebrity status (Heath Ledger was a partner) by serving consistently delicious food and drawing in the crowd despite its narrow space. Go gastro-pub at brunch and order fresh oysters or an out-of-this-world lox plate. If you’re hungrier, settle in for a “big brekkie” lumberjack style plate or the house made baked beans. The bar can and will facilitate all your drinking needs.

10. Dumont

432 Union Ave., (718) 486-7717

A neighborhood favorite and hot-spot for visitors to Williamsburg, Dumont has been serving up delicious food for over ten years. Like Diner, you can’t go wrong with a burger here, but the French Toast and Huevos Rancheros are consistently delicious. With a lovely outdoor garden and full bar, Dumont is the place to go for an elegant brunch.

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