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Most Romantic Restaurants in Williamsburg

For Your Next Special Occasion or Date Night


Looking for the best restaurant to take a date in Williamsburg? Or, perhaps you and your honey have been together for a while and are looking to celebrate your anniversary. Look no further. With delicious food and gorgeous setting, these ten restaurants are sure to cater to your romantic needs.

1. Diner

85 Broadway, (718) 486-3077

Voted by Zagat as the best restaurant in Williamsburg, Diner provides an intimate and unique setting for your romantic dinner. The menu is seasonal and always changing. Chef Rembold knows exactly what he's doing: there is never a bad choice on this menu. Diner is the absolute perfect place to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion.

2. Five Leaves

18 Bedford Ave., (718) 383-5345

Five Leaves, albeit a bit cramped, is a great destination for a laid-back romantic meal. The Five Leaves burger comes complete with a fried egg, a pineapple ring, and a sliced beet on top. If you want something a little more elegant, go for a dozen blue point oysters and the moules frites, or a special entree like rabbit stew or duck. The bartenders here make a mean martini, and there's an interesting list of aperatifs and ports for after dinner.

3. Dumont

432 Union Ave., (718) 486-7717

Dumont is by far one of the most popular restaurants in Brooklyn, and they don't take reservations, so be prepared to wait. Stake out a spot in their backyard garden near the bar, though, and the time will fly by. At night, Dumont's open air garden and candlelight will put you in the romantic mood. Go for their world-famous mac n cheese, or burger, or order a special like a grilled steak or sea bass. Cocktails from the bar always impress.

4. Marlow & Sons

81 Broadway, (718) 384-1441

Marlow & Sons is the sister restaurant to Diner. They sit right next to each other on Broadway and share a kitchen. Similarly, Marlow & Sons' menu is also seasonal, but focuses more on small plates. The old-timey country store at the front combined with the antique looking bar and intimate seating is totally romantic. Nibble on their famous crostini or fresh oysters with a special cocktail from the bar.

5. Aurora

70 Grand St., (718) 388-5100

Aurora boasts a lovely interior and beautiful outdoor patio with delicious nouveau-Italian cuisine. The risottos will blow you away, as will the gnocchi, prepared to perfection. The staff will dote on you with excellent wine choices and then leave you be. Aurora's romantic, modern feel is a great place to spend some quality time over a delicious meal.

6. Dressler

149 Broadway, (718) 384-6343

Dressler is one of the handful of restaurants in Brooklyn with a Michelin rating. Its fancy decor and impressive tasting menus give Dressler more of a Manhattan feel. If you want to get dressed up for a more formal dining experience, Dressler's a great pick. The wait staff are professional, and there's a wine pairing available if you're interested.

7. Walter Foods

253 Grand St., (718) 387-8783

Walter Foods offers an upscale but still relatively casual, neighborhoody vibe with solid American food: great cocktails, oysters, and a yummy burger. Their specials are always a good choice as well. Sit inside and enjoy the ambiance or head outdoors for the garden spot.

8. Blackbird Parlour

Blackbird Parlour

More of a cafe, really, than a restaurant, Blackbird Parlour still has plenty of intimate atmosphere to offer with tiny tables jammed together. The warm wood interior and delicious Danesi coffee make it fantastic choice for a first date, or for a more casual place to chat with your honey. The service leaves something to be desired, but the food and drinks are surprisingly good.

9. Fada

530 Driggs Ave., (718) 388-6607

Fada is a French Bistro with great menu, but their moules frites are the best and most popular dish for dinner. The outdoor garden is especially nice in the spring, and sitting indoors with the windows opening onto the street makes you feel like you could be in Europe. With resasonably priced entrees and wine by the glass, Fada is an elegant, affordable choice for a romantic dinner.

10. El Almacen

557 Driggs Ave., (718) 218-7284

If you and your honey are meat-lovers, El Almacen features Argentinian food that focuses solely on beef. There are several cuts of steak here, and almost all of the plates are meant to serve two people. Surprise yourself with an order of avacado fries. Top it off with a bottle of red and declare your love.

11. Le Barricou

533 Grand St., (718) 782-7372

Le Barricou, a French bistro, is mostly known for its brunch, but it's dinner menu is also delicious. Go for the traditional Coq au Vin or the Steak au Poivre with a nice bottle of French red. Or, if you're after moules frites you have five different kinds to choose from. For a really private romantic meal, Le Barricou offers a late night menu starting at 12 a.m. featuring Shrimp Linguine or Vegetable Risotto. And yes, the five different kinds of moules frites are still available.

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