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Brooklyn Shopping Malls


Shop to your heart's content at Brooklyn's various shopping malls. Here's an at a glance view of what they are, and what stores you can find there.

1. Atlantic Center Malls

There are two malls here, joined by an overhead walkway. Both are centrally located to the Atlantic Avenue subway station and LIRR station, and across the street from Barclay Center basketball stadium. Target is one of the anchor stores.

See List of stores in the Atlantic Center.

2. Kings Plaza Mall in Flatbush

Probably Brooklyn's best mall, this large duplex complex has hundreds of shops, a parking lot and a movie theater. Nearby is also a free standing Toy's R Us.

See List of stores at Kings Plaza.

3. Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn

This is a downtown area that's been turned into a pedestrian zone. The anchor store is Macy's. Sprawling, urban, and full of low and medium priced stores, including many sneaker shops, it is centrally located to several subway stations in Downtown Brooklyn.

See List of stores in Fulton Mall.

4. Gateway Mall

This is Brooklyn's best kept secret, a suburban style shopping mall that has a more relaxed atmosphere than some of Brooklyn's more established malls. It's off exit 15 on the Belt Parkway, near Spring Creek Park.

See List of stores at Gateway Mall.

5. Long Island Shopping Malls — Outlets, High-End & Simply Huge

If you are headed to Long Island beaches or to visit friends or relatives don't miss some of the best malls in the tri-state region. Find out what's where, here.

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