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Ten Tips on Renting an Apartment in Brooklyn


Ten Tips on Renting an Apartment in Brooklyn

This 3 bedroom condo on Bergen Street in Brooklyn rents for over $3,000 a month.

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Rents in Brooklyn can be pricey, from $700 to $4,000 a month. So it pays to be familiar with some Brooklyn real estate basics.

When's the Best Time to Look for an Apartment in Brooklyn?

Tenants Rights for Apartments in Brooklyn

1. New York has famously pro-tenant laws. Be smart. Read the Tenant's Rights Guide to learn more.

2. Read your lease. Many landlords use a standard form lease, sold in stationary shops in New York City or online.

3. A guarantor may be required. Would-be renters lacking employment or a strong credit history are often required by the landlord to identify a legal guarantor to cosign the lease.Some landlords insist that guarantors live in New York State.

4. Negotiate. It’s fine to try to negotiate such issues as the rent, the duration of the lease, and any special criteria such use of common roof or backyard space.

5. Landlords have obligations to tenants. New York City law specifies the landlords obligations in terms of such details as crime prevention, smoke detectors, window guards and so on.

6. The size of the apartment building determines some tenant laws. The NY State Office of Attorney General’s Tenants Rights Guides states that landlords of buildings with three or more apartments must keep public areas in clean and free of vermin, garbage and offensive material.

7. Pets may or may not be welcome.

Finding a Real Estate Agent in Brooklyn

8. Brooklyn apartments are not necessarily multiple listed. Sometimes realtors share listings-and also share the fee.

9. Each neighborhood has mom and pop realtors. Often they have listings that the huge agencies don’t.

10. The biggest inventory of rental apartments is during the spring and summer.

Last but not least, the New York City 311 hot line is a helpful service for learning about garbage, recycling, nuisance pets in the building, and other issues.

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