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Dried Fruit at Sahadi's

Photo by Kristen Goode

The Bottom Line

Whatever your food craving, the odds are that Sahadi's has something to satisfy it. Take your pick from high-quality spices, nuts, olives, cheeses, imported foods, and more at this 50-year-old Brooklyn establishment.


  • Amazing selection of specialty groceries and imported goods
  • Delicious prepared foods
  • Tradition of strong customer service


  • Small space
  • Crowded
  • Closed on Sundays


  • Sahadi's is located at 187 Atlantic Ave, between Clinton St and Court St.
  • Hours: 9am to 7pm daily; closed Sundays
  • (718) 624-4550
  • Subway & Bus Directions - Map - Website

Guide Review - Sahadi's

Walk into Sahadi's, and you'll understand why this family-owned shop has been a Brooklyn staple since 1948. Though the store may be crowded, employees are gracious, and you'll receive extraordinary customer service.

Customers come to Sahadi's for inexpensive spices, a selection of over 150 types of cheeses, a variety of olive oils, and other imported ethnic foods. Nuts, olives, and fresh coffee beans are sold from bulk bins, and delicious gourmet dishes like baklava and baba ghanoush are prepared daily.

Don't miss the Sahadi's booth during the annual Atlantic Antic on Atlantic Avenue. People line up by the dozens to taste the store's famed Middle Eastern offerings.

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