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Black Friday Sales in Brooklyn: Thanksgiving Weekend Sales at Brooklyn Malls

Shop for Kids Clothes, Holiday Shopping


Black Friday sales in Brooklyn's various malls offer some great bargains for early bird holiday shoppers. And if you miss Black Friday, you can always catch more sales on Cyber Monday!. Also, check out the local stores on Small Business Saturday.

1. Black Friday Sales in Brooklyn: Gifts of Clothes for Christmas & Hanukkah

Black Friday, with its sales on all kinds of winter clothing, is an excellent opportunity to do some early bird holiday shopping.

Top locations: Fulton Mall, Atlantic Center Mall, Kings Plaza Mall. Also, Macy's near the Fulton Mall, and Century 21 in Bay Ridge.

2. Black Friday Sales on Electronic Gifts for Christmas & Hanukkah in Brooklyn

Isn't it funny (and expensive) how fast some electronic games and gear seems so...well, yesterday? Here's where to get discounts and sales prices on the latest electronic equipment, whether that's a computer, video camera, or cool game.

Top locations: Check out Brooklyn's Best Buy, for instance, at Atlantic Center Mall, and Radio Shack stores throughout Brooklyn.

3. Black Friday May Be a Good Day to Buy a Car

You have to be prepared to bargain and negotiate. But Black Friday might be a good time to get a car, as car dealers try to get into the act of one of the busiest shopping days of the calendar year.

Top locations: Check out the car dealerships in and near Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

4. Black Friday Sales on Holiday Candy and Christmas Tree Decorations in Brooklyn

Get a head start on your Christmas tree and holiday party decorations and goods by shopping the post-Thanksgiving sales.

Top locations: Fulton Mall, Atlantic Center Mall, Kings Plaza Mall. Also, surprisingly good deals can be found at chain pharmacy stores such as Rite Aid, Kings Pharmacy, and Duane Reade in Brooklyn.

5. Gifts of Home Appliances & Housewares — Black Friday Sales

Whether you're thinking of buying a new razor for your husband, or a new iPod for your teenager, or a cool electronic game for your friend, Black Friday is a great time to check the brand chain stores for bargains!

Top locations: : Loews, Sears and electronics stores at any of Brooklyn's malls.

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