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Brooklyn Beaches

Hit the beach without leaving the borough.


Head to one of these Brooklyn beaches, and you might just see a mermaid or two.

Coney Island

Photo by Kristen Goode

Coney Island Beach, located at Surf Avenue, is easy to get to whether you're traveling by subway (on the Q, D, F, or N line) or bicycle (the Ocean Parkway bike path ends here).

Fake palm trees dot this sandy stretch of beach, and an old boardwalk is one of the few remainders of the area's historic past as a high-end seaside resort.

The Coney Island of yesteryear is definitely changing, but you can still grab a Nathan's Original hot dog on your way to the water and catch a mermaid (or two hundred) in June at the beach's annual Mermaid Parade.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is an extension of the Coney Island beach and begins at Brightwater Avenue. This predominantly Russian area, sometimes referred to as "Little Odessa," is filled with Russian signage and shops. While here, don't miss M&I International Food grocery store for an amazing selection of Russian delicacies like smoked fish and specialty chocolates, as well as imported goods from throughout the world.

Brighton Beach is a quick walk from the Coney Island beach. By subway, take the Q or B to Brighton Beach.

Manhattan Beach

Located on the southern tip of Brooklyn, Manhattan Beach is on Oriental Boulevard in the eastern side of Coney Island. This small stretch of beach can be reached by taking the B1 bus from Brighton Beach.

Officially opened in 1955, Manhattan Beach may be the least crowded of all of Brooklyn's beaches and offers playgrounds, tennis courts, baseball fields, and more.

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