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10 Things to Do in DUMBO on Front Street

A Few Minutes or a Few Hours, Tiny Front Street's Fun


10 Things to Do in DUMBO on Front Street

The Manhattan Bridge, seen from the pedestrian walkway; DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass

Photo © Ellen Freudenheim
Take a stroll through DUMBO's interesting little streets to get the flavor of this historic, now trendy, waterfront Brooklyn neighborhood. It's the first neighborhood in Brooklyn after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, and many Brooklyn residents just pass right by it, en route to the city.

Things you can do just wandering down DUMBO's Front Street:

  1. take a 15 minute walking tour of Front Street
  2. stop for a beer after walking the Brooklyn Bridge
  3. enjoy phenomenal views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, from underneath
  4. take photos set against the Manhattan skyline
  5. have a meal inside an old industrial building, frequented by DUMBO locals
  6. relax
  7. take the kids to a cute candy shop
  8. shop for designer clothes and unusual furniture
  9. go to one of Brooklyn's coolest little movie theaters. It's tucked inside a gastropub, where you sit on old automobile sedan seats, and have access to a bar
  10. Get a real Brooklyn bagel!

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