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Custom American Wine Bar

Good on Wine, Low on Attitude

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Custom American Wine Bar

Custom Wine Bar is a beautiful, laid-back bar with unique bottles that you won't find in the store, friendly bartenders, and great snacks.


  • Rare Bottles
  • Organic Selection
  • Friendly Atmosphere


Address: 644 Driggs Avenue

Telephone: (718) 387-9463

Nearest Subway: L to Lormier / G to Metropolitan


Hours: 6 p.m. - 3 a.m., Tuesday through Sunday; Kitchen closes at 2 a.m.

Guide Review

This wine bar features 100% local and domestic wines by the glass or bottle that you won't find in your local store. The curation here is a great draw, and the bartenders are friendly, not snobby. Think baseball hats. If you aren't a wine drinker, there's a small selection of beer and whiskey for you to sip on. Prices are reasonable, there's plenty of places to sit, and classic movies play on the big screen in the corner. Stay long enough and you'll get some spicy popcorn at the bar for a snack, or there's a food menu for larger appetites. Custom Wine Bar is the perfect place for a first date or a casual night with friends. And they take credit cards. Keep up the good work.

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