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BAMkids Film Festival Schedule

Feb 2014


Hot off the press, get your tickets now! Here's the schedule for the 16th annual BAMkids Film Festival. (Learn more about BAMKids Festival, special music and performances, and more.)


The 2014 BAMkids Film Festival  will feature :

  • 74 films from 27 countries—with most films in their US, New York, or
  • world premiere screening.
  • Highlights: Cutting Hedge Animation,” an all-animation shorts program for ages 7—10,
  • six international features, and
  • two short film programs for the youngest audience members, ages 2—5.

Practical Info

  • BAM Rose Cinemas, 30 Lafayette Avenue
  • Feb 22 & 22, 2014.10am—4:30pm
  • Ages 2-10
  • Tickets on sale now: Adults: $13; children 12 and under: $9; seniors 65 & older: $9:
  • Cinema Club members: $7

BAMkids Film Festival Schedule

Get the full schedule of films and events here.

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