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Brooklyn, NY: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge
How can you be in New York and not walk across the Brooklyn Bridge? Find out where to take photos, where to get on and off the Bridge, when to go, and more.
10 Best Things You Can Do in Williamsburg,...
10 Best Things to Do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
How Long Does it Usually Take to Walk Across...
How long does it take to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge? And what can you see from there?
Here Are All of Brooklyn's Zip Codes by...
A list of over 60 neighborhoods in Brooklyn, with a zip code for each.
Top 10 Tips for Walking on the Brooklyn Bridge
So you want to walk the Brooklyn Bridge! Great. But do you know how far it is? And what kinds of shoes to wear (or not?) And which direction is the best way to go? Take it from a local Brooklynite! Here are the ten do's and don'ts of walking the historic Brooklyn Bridge. (Just don't let anyone try to sell it to ya!)
Store Directory: Brooklyn's Atlantic Center/...
A listing of stores, government services, restaurants and food vendors in Brooklyn's Atlantic Mall, also known as the Atlantic Center.
11 Must-See Sites in Dumbo, Brooklyn
DUMBO is one of New York's treasured mini-neighborhoods. Here is a guide to interesting places to go and things to do under the Brooklyn Bridge.
Find Out How Long The Brooklyn Bridge is: In...
Have you ever wondered how long the Brooklyn Bridge is when you've walked or biked across? Here's the answer, in both miles and kilometres.
When Do the Brooklyn Cherry Trees Blossom?
New York is fabulous in the spring. When do Brooklyn cherry trees blossom, and where can you see them?
How to Get to Brooklyn From Newark Airport and...
Traveling to Brooklyn from Newark Liberty International Airport? Here are your transportation options, including bus, train, taxi services, and driving.
What's Best Direction to Walk Brooklyn Bridge?...
What's the best way to walk the Brooklyn Bridge? From Brooklyn to Manhattan? Or from Manhattan to Brooklyn?
When is the Cherry Blossom Festival,Sakura...
When is the Brooklyn Cherry Blossom Festival, Sakura Matsuri, at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden?
How to Walk Across the Williamsburg Bridge
Tips on how to walk or bike across the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan.
How to Get to Brooklyn Bridge Park &...
DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park are big tourist attractions and are among the closest destinations for visitors who walk from Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. How do you get to Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO's various attractions, such as Fulton Landing, Grimaldi's Pizza, St. Ann's Warehouse, art galleries and East River parks by subway, ferry, bus or car?
Where is the Brooklyn Bridge?
What does the Brooklyn Bridge connect, and where is it? Find out here.
How to Get to Brooklyn from JFK Airport &...
Learn about all the various ways to travel from JFK Airport in Queens NY to Brooklyn destinations, and from Brooklyn neighborhoods to JFK: by public transportation, car service, taxi, and driving your own car and parking it in overnight or long term parking.
Brooklyn's Gateway Mall: Brooklyn's Best Kept...
An introduction to Brooklyn's Gateway Mall, located off the Belt Parkway. Newish, and suburban in feel, it's a place where shoppers won't have a unique experience, but can accomplish a lot, and conveniently. Find out what stores are there, where it is, and what chain restaurants are located there, too.
How to Get to Brooklyn From LaGuardia Airport,...
Learn about all the various ways to travel from LaGuardia Airport in Queens NY to Brooklyn destinations, and from Brooklyn neighborhoods to LaGuardia: by public transportation, car service, taxi, and self-drive. Biking is not a good idea….
4 Best Things to Do After Walking Across the...
4 Best Things to Do After Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge: DUMBO
21 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts You Can Give on a...
If you're a teenager or an adult living at home, and cash is short, here are 21 great ideas for Mother's Day gifts.
Where is the Best Shopping in Brooklyn?
Where's the best shopping in Brooklyn these days? It depends on what you're looking for. Teenage girls might head to the thrift and vintage shops, while their mothers might find better deals at Brooklyn's malls. Find out where to look for shoes, clothes, malls, craft and specialty markets, hand made items, and bargains, too.
5 Best Things to Do in Bklyn Heights After...
So, you've walked across the Brooklyn Bridge! Now what? Here are five great things to do in Brooklyn Heights before or after walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.
A List of Stores in Brooklyn's Fulton Mall...
Don't overlook the shopping opportunities in Brooklyn's rapidly changing Fulton Mall. Here is a listing of all the mall's clothing and shoe stores.
Best PlacSe to Take Photos on the Brooklyn...
The Brooklyn Bridge is famous for its views -- of Manhattan, the East River, beautiful bridges and of course the Statue of Liberty and NY Harbor. Where's the best place to take photos from, on the Brooklyn Bridge?
Brunch in DUMBO: Top Ten Restaurants
Try out some of the top ten brunch spots in the Brooklyn neighborhood called DUMBO, right under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Have brunch here before, or after, strolling the Brooklyn Bridge to or from Manhattan. Or, combine brunch with a few hours worth of exploring DUMBO's galleries, Jane's Carousel, or Brooklyn Bridge Park.
How Much Does Bklyn Cost? Average Rents in 12...
Trying to get a handle on Brooklyn's ever-more-expensive real estate market? Here is a guide to the market in a dozen very popular neighborhoods.
Find out What County and City Brooklyn Is...
Where is Brooklyn actually located? In what state and county?
JFK Kennedy Transportation: \$15 to Brooklyn's...
Get to Brooklyn from Kennedy Airport (or vice versa) by the cheapest, easiest form of transportation: public transit. Here's how to use New York City's airport to city system to arrive in Brooklyn faster, and much more cheaply, than by taking a cab ride or a shuttle to Manhattan.
New York's 6 Best Thrift Stores for Savvy...
Looking for cool vintage clothes either for work, play or a costume? Brooklyn's got a wide variety of vintage clothing stores that are worth a visit.
Williamsburg Restaurant Guide: The Best Picks
Here you'll find a list of the BEST restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn organized by category and occasion. You can find brunch and take out, French food and health food, bar food and,oh, just about anything.
Where is the IRS Office in Brooklyn, NY?
Where is the IRS Office in Brooklyn, NY?
How Long is the Prospect Park Loop? Runners,...
People often ask how long the loop is in Prospect Park. But actually, there's more than one loop. Most folks are referring to Center Drive, the road that drivers use, that encircles the park. But if you are a cyclist or runner and you want to do a shorter route, there's another internal loop that's faster.
Can You Walk or Jog Across the Manhattan Bridge?
The answer to the question: Can you walk or jog across the Manhattan Bridge, which runs from Downtown Brooklyn to Chinatown in Manhattan?
Clone me! A Zillion Things to Do in Brooklyn...
Find out what's happening THIS weekend in Brooklyn with this at-a-glance listing of weekend events. There's something for everyone: free events, family friendly events, performances, art openings, festivals, fairs, only-in-Brooklyn fun, and things to do when you just don't know WHAT to do,but want to do it in Brooklyn! Listing updated every Friday for the following weekend; come back soon!
Views & Directions to Red Hook Brooklyn...
Take a fun 20 minute boat ride from Manhattan! An IKEA Water Taxi runs from South Street Seaport to IKEA's Terminal. Page 7.
Where to Go and What to Do in Williamsburg,...
A visitors guide for those interested in visiting Williamsburg, Brooklyn, including places to eat, places to drink, and places to shop.
Public School Calendar 2014-15
No school on Election Day! Here's the basic public school calendar for Brooklyn and NYC public schools, 2014-2015.
Where to Buy Flowers, Trees, Plants in Brooklyn...
Where to Buy Flowers, Trees, Plants in Brooklyn - Nurseries and Great Plant Spots
The 4 Best Bargain Vintage Shops in Williamsburg
These vintage stores are perfect for the shopper who is willing to look through mountains of clothing to find the perfect, affordable piece.
Your Best Guide to Shopping Kings Plaza Mall in...
Shopping in Brooklyn? Find out what stores are located in Brooklyn's Kings Plaza Mall.
Where to Drink Beer in Williamsburg
A list of Williamsburg's best beer gardens.
Free Things to do in Williamsburg
There's no need to spend a dime to have a great time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here's where to find free movies, free shows, free booze, and free art in Williamsburg.
How long is the Prospect Park loop?
How long is the Prospect Park loop? If you're running in Prospect Park, you'll want to monitor your distance.
Williamsburg Shopping: Visit Grand Street in...
Although Williamsburg is a huge and sprawling neighborhood, you can have some fun, shop and window shop — and get the sense of this famous New York City hipster destination — just by walking around the few blocks of Grand Street on either side of Bedford Avenue. But come soon, as Brooklyn's changing changing fast; the next time you visit here, it likely won’t be the same.
New York's 100 Best Taxi Services (All...
To get a taxi in Brooklyn, one needs to call ahead. Find the names and phone numbers of over 100 different car services in 20 different neighborhoods.
Looking for an Apartment or Home in New York...
Who's moving to Brooklyn? Everyone. College grads, young couples, new families, screenwriters, businesspeople, dreamers, graduate students, artists of all stripes, restaurateurs, professionals. Global citizens, immigrants and people from New Jersey. The simple arithmetic of real estate has been a driving force; you can get more space and a better location in Brooklyn than in Manhattan. Brooklyn’s the place to be. There are probably 100 reasons to move to Brooklyn. Here are nine
Top 10 Brunch Spots in Williamsburg Brooklyn
Williamsburg has plenty of brunch destinations to choose from, but these 10 will leave you in absolute gastronomical bliss. Choose the perfect brunch spot in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The best of brunch in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
Travel Brooklyn to LaGuardia (LGA) & Back...
Planning on taking public transit to travel between Brooklyn and LaGuardia Airport, or vice versa? Here's how to go, how much it will cost, how long it will take. 10 FAQ about getting to LGA from/to Brooklyn, NY.
Strange Museums in Brooklyn
5 Strange Brooklyn Museums
Save Time! Everyone in a Rush Has EZ Pass
Find out where you can pick up an EZ Pass in New York City. Includes locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.
10 Things to Do in DUMBO on Front Street
One of Brooklyn's most unique waterfront neighborhoods, DUMBO combines old industrial architecture with chic shops, interesting restaurants, and killer views of Manhattan and Brooklyn's famous Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.
Night Bazaars, Flea Markets and Pop up Markets...
Brooklyn Markets, Brooklyn Flea, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Artists and Fleas, Shwick Market of Makers and Pop Up Shop
Visiting Brooklyn? Everything You Need to Know...
A quick overview of Brooklyn NY for guests of locals and tourists to New York City.
What You Need to Know About Brooklyn Shopping...
Get a birdseye view of shopping malls in Brooklyn, New York
Hailing a Cab in Brookyn: 7 FAQ's for People in...
What's with the apple-green-colored cabs in Brooklyn? Find out about yellow and green taxis.
Tolls Went Up: Get an E-Z Pass
E-Z Pass. If you're investing in a car in Brooklyn, and plan to use it to drive out of the city, then it's smart to save time by getting an EZ Pass tag for your car.
Where are Public Bathrooms Near the Brooklyn...
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Where to Find a Movie Theater in Brooklyn
Find out where Brooklyn's movie theaters are, what makes each special (for better and worse), where they are located, and what's nearby.
Tour of the 7 Best Vintage Shops in Williamsbur...
Bedford Avenue offers a multitude of shops, restaurants, bars and boutiques, and its vintage shopping is some of the best in New York City. Find great vintage shopping in Williamsburg, Brooklyn here.
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens—When to Go, What...
There's really no wrong time of year to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If you live in Brooklyn, it's wonderful to come in different seasons, to see what's new. Page 3.
EATS! Weekend Food Truck Rally in Grand Army...
SUNDAY BRUNCH OUTDOORS: GRAZING AT THE "FOOD TRUCK RALLY" Park Slope's Food Truck Rally, at the entrance
Flea Markets in Brooklyn — Discovering...
Discover twelve great places for flea market style shopping in Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn's awash in great flea markets. Some run year-round. Others are seasonal. Find out where to shop for vintage clothes, antique housewares and cameras, old jewelry and retro, mid-century modern furniture and more, from Coney Island to Williamsburg.
All About Zip Codes in Brooklyn NY
If you want to rent or buy an apartment, mail a letter, or fill in an application for a credit card, and you live in Brooklyn, you'll need to know the zip code. Unlike, say, Manhattan, Brooklyn's zip code map isn't a nice, easy-to-read map with clean grid lines. Alas. Find out about that essential tool, the zip code.
14 Things to Know about Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Bedford-Stuyvesant, or. Brooklyn, NY.
East River Ferry in Brooklyn:Boat to Manhattan,...
Find out where to get the East River Ferry from neighborhoods in Brooklyn to Manhattan and back. Get information on routes, prices, special policies regarding kids, bikes and rollerblades and more. Launched in 2011, this service is a winner!
What's the Difference between Atlantic Center...
What's in a name, if you're not a developer? Not that much. Brooklyn residents call this two-part mall by one name: The Atlantic Mall. Or do we?
9 Top Neighborhood Animal Rescue Groups in...
Find your community of animal lovers in Brooklyn. Here's a list of 9 very different local Brooklyn nonprofit groups and organizations dedicated to helping cats, dogs and other animals in need. There's no better way to make a new friend than through a pet.
When is the Manhattan-Bound Brooklyn Bridge...
You'd have to live in, oh, Staten Island not to have noticed that the Brooklyn Bridge is under repair. Drivers may be unpleasantly surprised to discover the Brooklyn Bridge is closed, and that they must drive across to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge. When is the Manhattan-Bound Brooklyn Bridge Closed to Traffic?
Parking Lots in DUMBO, Near the Brooklyn...
DUMBO is a major NYC tourist attraction, for visitors who walk the Brooklyn Bridge, attend events at Brooklyn Bridge Park, St. Ann's Warehouse, BargeMusic, or eat at Grimaldi's. But there's almost no street parking in this Brooklyn neighborhood. So if you do drive, where in the world do you park a car in DUMBO, Brooklyn?
10 Best Things to Do in Greenpoint
Explore Greenpoint, within walking and biking distance of hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here are the top 10 things to do in Greenpoint!
For IRS Tax Returns, What "County" and "City"...
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Checklist: 10 Top NYC Landmarks to See from...
INTRODUCTION If you love New York City, you've got to love a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The pages
7 Things to Know About NYC Yellow Taxi Cabs in...
Need a cab to get around Brooklyn, or from Manhattan back to Brooklyn? Here are 7 street-wise do's and don'ts.
All About Beacon's Closet - Williamsburg and...
Beacon's Closet is one of Brooklyn's most popular thrift stores. Sometimes you can find fabulous items, both for yourself and for gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions — for a song. There are two locations, in Park Slope and in Williamsburg.
Where are Salvation Army Thrift Stores in...
It's moving season. Where are Salvation Army thrift stores in Brooklyn? And, how do you organize a pick up for donating goods to the Salvation Army?
Brooklyn Bridge Park, A Visitors Guide to New...
Brooklyn Bridge Park, nestled on the shore across from lower Manhattan, is a sports and cultural venue, with a lively calendar of concerts, summer outdoor movies, outdoor exercise classes, chess instruction, kayaking and more. Brooklyn's newest large public park.Many Brooklynites haven't visited yet, but should: it has spectacular views of New York Harbor, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, lower Manhattan, East Riverboat traffic, and of course, views of Lady Liberty.
DUMBO, Near the Brooklyn Bridge: Tour Trendy...
Get a taste of what's available in DUMBO, Brooklyn in terms of shopping: Journey is a stylish, one-off furniture and accessories store, specializing in tasteful items and mid-century modern furniture.
Your Guide to Brooklyn's Best Activities for...
Have fun with the kids in Brooklyn! Here are some favorite family-friendly outings, especially popular among younger children, up to age 10.
Brooklyn's Best Diners
Brooklyn's Best Diners
What's there? A Quick shopping tour of Atlantic...
What stores are in Atlantic Terminal Mall and Atlantic Center in Brooklyn, NY?
Best Williamsburg Restaurants
If you're overwhelmed by choices on where to eat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this list breaks your options down into categories. Find every great restaurant for whatever taste in Williamsburg right here.
10 Bridal Stores in Brooklyn: Where to Find a...
Looking for the perfect wedding gown? Try these interesting bridal boutiques throughout Brooklyn, including Schone Bridal, Leanne Marshall, and more.
Where to Donate Used Books in Brooklyn (It's...
It's harder than you might think to donate books in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Public Library won't accept them, except once a year. Who will? Find out.
Transportation: Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn to JFK...
It's easy, convenient and cheap to get from Atlantic Avenue subway station to JFK Kennedy Airport. Use the train to the plane! The total trip takes about a half hour, and the price can't be beat: It's under $15, which is a lot cheaper than taking a taxi. Here's how to go from Atlantic Avenue station in Fort Greene, near the Atlantic Center Mall and Barclay Center, to JFK, using AirTrain.
Where is Ebbets Field, Home to Brooklyn Dodgers
The location of the Brooklyn Dodgers' Ebbets Field
Smorgasburg - Saturday Williamsburg Food Market
Smorgasburg is a gigantic Saturday food market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, hosted by The Brooklyn Flea.
12 Passover Do's & Don'ts for Non-Jews:...
The Passover Seder, once a private family affair amongst Jews, has become a much more popular affair in recent decades. Many Jewish families invite non-Jewish friends. Even more Jewish families have children and grandchildren who are intermarried with non-Jews, dating non-Jews, or who are non-Jews. If you aren't Jewish — or aren't very Jewish— here are some do's and don'ts for attending a Seder.
Where to Recycle Computers and Electronics in...
Where to Recycle Computers and Electronics in Brooklyn
Things to Know When Visiting a Hassidic Community
All kinds of people live in Brooklyn, and some of the most picturesque areas are the borough's orthodox Jewish areas. As tourism in Brooklyn increases, are there tips to visiting an orthodox Jewish neighborhood?
Best Fun Spots for Picnics in Park Slope
There are many wonderful places to picnic in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Page 2.
Is the Brooklyn Bridge Walkway Open or Closed...
Planning to walk the Brooklyn Bridge? Find out whether there's construction detours on the Bridge, which is under repair until 2014.
6 Common Noise Complaints in Brooklyn:Knowing...
Noise pollution. Street noise. Partying kids. Construction noise. Car alarms. Sometimes Brooklyn is just too darn loud.
How to Get to Barclays Center, the Nets...
Directions for getting to the new home of the former New Jersey Nets, now the Brooklyn Nets, at Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, New York City.
4 Tips for Running on the Brooklyn Bridge
It's fun to run across the Brooklyn Bridge — as long as you don't get run over by a cyclist while you're jogging, or get caught behind a gaggle of gaping tourists. Get some useful tips on how to run across the Brooklyn Bridge, and good times to do so.
3 Cool Tips for Tourists Visiting DUMBO:Water...
Three Cool Tips for Tourists Visiting DUMBO: Water Taxis, Bike Rentals, Brooklyn Bridge
Coney Island Fireworks on the Beach! Free Fun...
When are The Summer Fireworks in Coney Island after Brooklyn Cyclones Games?
Most Romantic Restaurants in Williamsburg
Looking for the best restaurant to take a date in Williamsburg? Refer to this list of the most romantic restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to see where you should go on your next date night.
Where to Eat Near the Brooklyn Bridge? Food at...
At Brooklyn's newest park jewel, Brooklyn Bridge Park (located near the Brooklyn Bridge, adjacent to DUMBO) you can find food stands selling more than just a pretzel. Chow down on classic American hot dogs, melted cheese sandwiches, milkshakes, organic ice cream, and dozens of differently flavored Italian ices. Order beer and wine. Try the Mexican style carne asado. You can even get carrot sticks. Munch and marvel at the Manhattan views!
What's Nearby? 10 Places Near the Brooklyn...
Enjoy ten interesting destinations within walking distance or a short subway, bike, or car ride from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Here's a list of where else visitors to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens can go after seeing the cherry trees in bloom or visiting the Japanese Garden and Pond.
Visiting the Botanic Gardens in Early or Mid...
April is the celebration of Hanami at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a month long celebration of the cherry tree blossoms.
How Do You Get to DUMBO from The Brooklyn Bridge?
Directions from the Brooklyn Bridge to DUMBO, where you can eat pizza at Grimaldi's, see a play at St. Ann's Warehouse, or go to the River Cafe.
True or False? Brooklyn is the 4th Largest City...
One often hears that Brooklyn would be the 4th largest city in the United States, if it were an independent city. Is this still true?
The Brooklyn Flea - Williamsburg
More information on The Brooklyn Flea market every Sunday in Williamsburg.
Chocolate Lovers Guide to Brooklyn
Chocolate Lovers Guide to Brooklyn
Free Brooklyn Museums and Museum Days
Free Brooklyn Museums (and Brooklyn Museums with Free Days) - Find Brooklyn Museums that are free! See Brooklyn's most exciting free museums and soak up some culture without breaking the bank. Information on free museums, free museum hours, and more.
Celebrate Brooklyn! Free, Hip, Outdoor...
Get a feel for what Brooklyn's really all about. One of the best places to spend any Thursday, Friday or Saturday night during a New York summer is in Prospect Park's band shell, where the Celebrate Brooklyn! series regularly draws crowds of thousands to a richly varied program of music, dance, and film. Wonder who's performing this summer? Here's the June-August performance schedule.
Where to Stay in Brooklyn—Overview of...
Brooklyn is a great alternative to the high hotel prices in Manhattan. Here is an overview of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and more in Brooklyn.
Getting to/from Brooklyn to Newark,JFK,LaGuardi...
Getting to and from the NYC airports can add both time and cost to a trip. If you're leaving from Brooklyn, or headed to Brooklyn, check out your options. Here is an overview of all the transportation options, and special articles on affordable mass transit services, from Brooklyn to JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports.
Brooklyn Brewery
Visit the now famous Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Brooklyn...
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Eight Free (or Almost-Free) Things to Do in...
Have free fun at Coney Island: watch the Mermaid Parade, see summer fireworks, and oogle the Nathan's annual hot dog eating contest winners.
When Does the Ferry or Water Taxi Run from...
Ferries offer a fun way to follow a route along the East River that includes Manhattan, Governors Island, and various stops in Brooklyn. What's the current schedule, and where precisely can you catch the water taxi? (Note that the vendor has changed from NY Water Taxi of yesteryear; get up to date info here.)
"Best 'Za in Brooklyn." Or Is It? Is Grimaldi's...
One of Brooklyn's best pizzerias, Grimaldi's Pizzeria in DUMBO attracts an international clientele of tourists and visitors, many of whom like to combine a taste of this famous pizza with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Is Grimaldi's a great pizzeria worth the wait even by locals, or a tourist trap? Find out about Grimaldi's Pizzeria in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
A Visitor's Guide to East River State Park
The East River State Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline and is right next door to Williamsburg's food and flea markets on the weekends. In the summer there are free concerts here, right on the waterfront.
Can You Picnic at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens?
Can You Picnic at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens?
Brooklyn Bridge: Architectural Wonder, NYC Icon
A New York City icon, a historical monument, and in its day, an architectural wonder, the Brooklyn Bridge has impressed New Yorkers and visitors since its opening on May 24, 1883.
Brooklyn History - An Overview
A look into the history of Brooklyn, New York from its original state as a Native American community to its current place as one of the most populated regions in the United States. Includes information on famous Brooklyn landmarks and dates of historic interest.
What Can I Do in Brooklyn? Outings for Teenage...
Find out about Brooklyn Bridge Park, in Brooklyn New York, from a teenager's perspective. Is it worth a visit? How do you get there? What's going on?
How to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
Here's a breadth of great information about the Brooklyn Bridge. It's designed for tourists and Brookynites with guests. Find out where to stay to how to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, what's on the Brooklyn side of the Bridge, and even why the Brooklyn Bridge is known as New Yorkers favorite protest bridge.
How Do You Get to Park Slope Brooklyn By...
Park Slope is growing in both size and popularity. With hundreds of restaurants and shops, interesting entertainment venues and an appealing school district, it's a Brooklyn neighborhood that's worth a visit. But Park Slope is served by seven different subway stations. What's the best way to get to where you're going, by subway, in Park Slope?
FAQ about NHL's Islanders Move Brooklyn: Hockey...
The NY Islanders are moving to Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Will they get new team colors? How do you get tickets? When is the first game? Read this FAQ about the historic move of an NHL team to the home of the Dodgers, and now, the Nets.
Sunset Park - Neighborhood Profile
Sunset Park, Brooklyn - A guide to Sunset Park, Brooklyn, including information on Sunset Park schools, post offices, restaurants, bars, and more.
Exploring Gowanus: A Neighborhood Guide
The Brooklyn neighborhood of Gowanus, between Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill and Park Slope, is today in full transition, with new restaurants and music venues, odd galleries and vast performance spaces carved out of old buildings. It's home to artisanal pickle makers, auto repair shops, and a wedding rental venue that charges $6,000 for just the privilege of renting the space. Picturesque, it's the site of numerous photo shoots for ads and movies, too. Find out about Gowanus, including where to go and what to do.
IRS Help: 30 Places to Get Tax Forms Done Free...
Need help with filling out your tax forms for the IRS? If you meet certain income criteria, or are a senior, you can get free personal assistance in filling out your IRS returns. Here are over two dozen locations in Brooklyn, offering translation services, convenient hours and services approved by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.
The Many Wonderful Places to Brunch in Brooklyn
You can have all kinds of brunch experiences in Brooklyn: organic, child-friendly, French, Italian, beefy and vegetarian. Get the scoop on the big world of brunch in Brooklyn.
How to Get a Place in New York City's Five Boro...
How to Get a Place in New York City's Five Boro Bike Tour
Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in Brooklyn
Brooklyn's Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants
Best Couture Vintage Shops - Williamsburg
Williamsburg has a great of vintage shops specializing in designer labels or unusual brands from Europe. If you're looking for a great vintage piece for a special occasion, or a designer label handbag for less, these are the shops for you.
Barclays Center Facts & Trivia: Jay-Z,...
Barclays Center facts and trivia: How big is the Brooklyn, New York arena? What does rapper and business man Jay-Z have to do with Barclays? What is the arena's rusty facade about? Who is
Do You Have Unclaimed Money to Recover from NY...
NY State has millions of dollars in unclaimed cash and accounts, waiting for their owners to claim the funds. Find out how to investigate whether you have money that can be reclaimed.
Where is Brooklyn Flea? Locating Brooklyn's...
Brooklyn Flea is a fun weekend vintage market and event that operates in different Brooklyn neighborhoods, and out of different indoor and outdoor locations, depending on the season. Find out where you can shop Brooklyn flea in summer, autumn, winter and spring.
Six Brooklyn Food and Drink Festivals
Six Brooklyn Food and Drink Festivals
Best Outdoor Restaurants in Williamsburg
These Williamsburg, Brooklyn restaurants have great outdoor space for dining outdoors the warmer months.
5 Romantic Places in Brooklyn for Marriage (or...
Visit Mother Nature and watch her mating games at two almost-free romantic destinations in Brooklyn, whether for Valentine's Day or other special occasions: the NY Aquarium in Coney Island and the Prospect Park Zoo.
Brooklyn Heights - Neighborhood Profile
Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn - A guide to Brooklyn Heights, one of Brooklyn's most prestigious neighborhoods. Information on Brooklyn Heights schools, post offices, restaurants, bars, and more.
9 Smart Things to Do When Your Electricity Goes...
Find out what to do when there's a power outage due to a storm, heat wave or some other urban mini-disaster, and you've got no electricity in your Brooklyn apartment.
Paid Summer Jobs for NYC Youth: Resource
Looking for a summer job that's part-time, paid and available to Brooklyn or NYC residents? Don't overlook a program offered by the City of New York for youth age 14 all the way to age 24. It runs 7 weeks in the summer, pays $8 an hour (minimum wage), and places thousands of youth in hundreds of different non profit and civic organizations. It just might work for you. Learn more here.
8 Best Brooklyn Locations for Spectacular...
8 places in Brooklyn offer spectacular sunset views of NY Harbor, including the River Cafe, ferries, and the Promenade on a bluff overlooking the Harbor. And if you believe this photo shows the real Lady Liberty, there's a bridge I'd like to sell you....
Kings Plaza Mall Stores: Children's Clothing &...
Kings Plaza is an excellent place for shopping for the entire family. Find out what stores are in Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn, New York for children's clothes, children's shoes, and shoes for men and women. Stores include GAP, Baby GAP, H&M, Children's Place, Footlocker and many others.
Top Summer Things to Do in Brooklyn
There's tons to do in Brooklyn in the summer, from running in the parks to attending a wonderful First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum. You can eat pizza in Bensonhurst, ice cream in DUMBO and calzone in Carroll Gardens. Watch firework at Coney Island, go fishing off of Sheepshead Bay, and much more. For starters, here are some great summer activities in Brooklyn. Have fun!
Long Island Shopping Malls — Outlets,...
Find out what malls are near Brooklyn, in Long Island. They include high-end malls with such stores as Chanel, outlet malls (of which there are none in Brooklyn), and Roosevelt Field Mall, one of the top ten largest malls in the United States. It's easy to combine a trip to a shopping mall with a trip to the beach, a visit with family or friends, or a quick trip out of New York City. Shopping in a Long Island mall might be fun, an adventure, a suburban getaway. And while it might, it won't necessarily, be cheaper.
Outdoor Summer Movies in Brooklyn
Amazingly, you can catch a free film almost every day of the week through much of this summer in Brooklyn. Some film festivals run only six weeks; others run from May to September. So calendarize this: Monday (Coney Island), Wednesday (McCarren Park in Williamsburg), Thursday (Brooklyn Bridge Park), Friday and Saturdays in various venues around the borough, and on Sundays (Fort Greene). Here's the list of Brooklyn's outdoor film festivals and their schedules!
Find the Brooklyn DMV Office Nearest to You
Find out about getting a drivers license and where the Brooklyn offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles are located.
What's Brooklyn Flea? Brooklyn's Most Popular...
A description of Brooklyn's biggest and most popular vintage clothing and furniture flea market, the weekend event called Brooklyn Flea.
10 Tips on Renting an Apartment in Brooklyn
Tips on Renting an Apartment in Brooklyn
8 Hanukkah Do's & Don'ts for Non-Jews
So you want to get your Jewish friend a Hanukkah gift? When and what should you buy as a holiday present for person who celebrates Hanukkah? Here are 8
Para Medical Jobs—Certified First...
If you're considering a medical job, you can obtain EMT training or become a certified first responder by taking courses offered in Brooklyn.
Parade & Caribbean Carnival in Brooklyn
The fab, colorful, noisy parade, rain or shine, runs down Eastern Parkway. Dozens of floats, mas bands, costumed marchers, and more make this an incredible Brooklyn-international experience
Parking At Atlantic Center Mall, BAM, in Fort...
Information about parking near three Brooklyn attractions: the Atlantic Center Mall,the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Brooklyn Flea's weekend indoor winter location at the Williamsburg Savings Bank.
Free Help with Taxes and IRS: Brooklyn
For late filers, first time filers and others, Brooklyn offers some good free resources to understanding how and when to file federal, state and local taxes. Find out what's free, who is eligible for free professional assistance, where and when to go, and how to find out if you need an appointment.

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